Pamlico Sound

By:Grant Oldham

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About the Pamlico Sound

The Pamlico Sound is located in the outerbanks NC. Everyone who goes to the banks will most always get a glimpse of the sound. It is about 80 miles long and a variable of 15-20 miles wide. The sound usually remains very shallow, only going up to 5-6 feet.

Where the Sound came from and what is happening now.

The Pamlico sound is fed by 3 different inlets, the Oregon inlet, Hatteras inlet, and Ocracoke inlet. This estuaries is important because it homes many of NC plant/animal life. Waterfowl, sea turtles, dolphins, and whales are abundant in the area. Plants also flourish here, some include high amounts of algae. Threats to this beautiful place is us, people are throwing trash and chemicals into the sound. which causes the water to become contaminated and allows more of the wildlife to die. Estuaries are important because they provide good outdoor activities for people and supply's homes for wildlife.