Fatal Car Crash In Oregon

Located In A Town Near Portland

Fatal car crash located near Portland, Oregon resulted in three deaths and one severely injured. Kat and Denny Hall were instantly killed in the crash. Their son, Teddy, passed away later in the ICU. Mia Hall, Kat and Denny's daughter, is still in the ICU in a coma. Mia is a Cello prodigy and hopes to go to Julliard. Mia's grandparents arrived from their farm far out of town very soon after they heard about the accident. Her boyfriend, Adam Wilde and her best friend, Kim Schein also made a B-Line for the hospital after they heard the news. They had a difficult time getting in to see Mia but Adam hatched a plan and almost got arrested. Adam is in the rising band, Shooting Star, Kim has been there for Mia since 7th grade when they meet in school.

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This stock depicts Mia's decision and the ups and downs that she struggles with.

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