Early Explorers of South Carolina

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These are all The Explorers

Henry WoodWard (doctor)

Henry Woodward wanted to learn the native american's language and culture he explored
south carolina,georgia and flordia he worked with native americans and first to grow rice
and he came from ENGLAND!
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Hernado De Soto

Hernado De Soto came from spain he wanted to find gold and silver and slaves he explored cotifichi,flordia,south carolina and the Mississippi river he was the first Explorer in south carolina and the mississippi river
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Jean Rebault

Jean Rebault came from france to compete with spain for land and to build a new home he explored port royal,south carolina and flordia he built charlesfort.
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Juan pardo

Juan Pardo came from spain to claim land and find sliver and gold he explored south carolina ,tennesse, charlesfort and paris island he destroyed charlesfort and built santa elena
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William Hilton

william hilton came from england he wanted to find a good place to live he explored hilton island and south carolina he found a nice place to live and grow crops
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