20s Culture

By: Wesley Chadwell


He was a gangster who became famous during the prohibition era. He was also the co founder and boss of The Chicago Outfit.
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Ford's Assembly Line

On December 1,1913 Henry Ford started the first moving assembly line for an automobile. The model t was a car that was reliable and the average person could afford it.
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Flappers were young women who wore shorter skirts, listened to jazz, and wore their hair in a bob. They were seen as arrogant for wearing excessive makeup, and drinking.
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1920s Urban Street

Urban cities in the 1920s had electricity which made it easier for them to communicate with people far away. Appliances made it where woman could do more things at once and do them more efficiently.
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Suffragette Protest

Suffragettes were people who advocated for the right to vote for women in public elections. On August 26, 1920 the 19th amendment was ratified and gave women the right to vote.
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Charlie Chaplin

At the age of 26 he moved over to the mutual company which paid him $670,000 a year. His best works with mutual include One A.M., The Rink, and The Vagabond.