Essential Nutrients

Mary Beth Burgiss

What Are Thoooose?

Essential nutrients are nutrients that are essential in order to stay healthy and strong. Different nutrients do different things. Nutrients from carrots as well as broccoli and leafy greens strengthen your eyesight and keep them healthy. Nutrients from meat and poultry is protein, which is needed for your muscles to develop and bones to strengthen. Nutrients give you energy, vitamins and minerals and "essential components of biological processes occurring throughout your body." (what is in quotations) -

The Six Essential Nutrients

There are many nutrients but six of the most common are water, carbohydrates (carbs), protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.


Water is a nutrient in the liquid form that can re-hydrate the body and provide energy. Water is essential in a living being. After oxygen, water is the (second) most important commodity needed for life.

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Carbs are nutrients that you mostly find in food. They provide you with energy and they are usually in the form of glucose, sucrose and/or lactose.

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Protein is a nutrient you get when you eat meat, poultry and foods containing lots of protein. Protein gives structure to muscles, hair and other things. It is very good for you.

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Fat is a substance that is originally on the human body and it collects most under the skin. Food fat is a different thing. There are good fats (polyunsaturated fats as an example) that are in several foods like nuts, seeds, vegetable oil and fish. They can lower your cholesterol levels too. Bad fats are in sugary, sweet foods like cake, icing, cookies, and basically any sweet desert.

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Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals help your body. They can heal wounds and boost your immune system. They convert food into energy and repair cellular damage (no, not that kind of cellular).

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