The Tragedy Romeo and Juliet Act V

By Nate Durell

How Juliet found Romeo dead

Romeo awakens peacefully and happy as he just had a dream about Juliet. Balthasar comes and brings bad news to Romeo, about Juliet being found dead. Romeo does not believe him at first, but soon realizes that he is telling the truth. Romeo yells out "Then I defy you, stars" (5.1.24).. Romeo commands Balthasar to send a letter to Verona. In the letter Romeo says he will return to Verona one last night. Afraid of his master's intentions he goes with Romeo, despite Romeo telling him not to. Romeo stops to ask if Balthasar is carrying a letter from Friar Lawrence Balthasar says he is not. When Balthasar leaves Romeo heads over to the apothecary to get a potion. Romeo tells the man he will pay a large amount for poison. The apothecary reminds Romeo that selling poison carries the death sentence in Mantua. After arguing with the man Romeo gets the poison and heads off to Verona.

Juliet in The Tomb with Romeo

As Romeo and Balthasar head to Juliet's Tomb, Paris seems them both and threatens them not knowing their true intentions. Paris confronts Romeo and rages at him. Romeo asks him to leave but to no avail. They sword fight until Romeo kills Paris. Romeo heads down to Juliet with Paris's dead body. Romeo see's Juliet and heads over to say his goodbyes. Romeo kisses Juliet, drinks the poison, then kisses Juliet again and dies. Friar Lawrence sees Balthasar who tells him that Romeo is in the tomb. As the friar heads down into the tomb, he sees Romeo and Paris's dead body, just then Juliet awakens. Juliet asks where Romeo is and nervously the friar tells her what happened. As the watch is coming the friar insists that Juliet come with him, but she refuses. The friar leaves and Juliet goes over to the dead Romeo. She suspects that he drank poison, from the bottle next to him. She tries to take some of the poison by kissing him on the lips. There was no poison left so she resorts to the dagger. Saying "O happy dagger, / This is thy sheath,"( 5.3.171) and she stabs herself.