My Endangered Species Project

A better way to learn about chimpanzees

What's the name of the animal?


What's the scientific name of the animal?

Pan Troglodytes

Description of animal(color)?

Black and Brown

What is the size range of the animal?


What's the weight range of the animal?


What's the outstanding characteristics(special body parts,etc.)if they apply?

The hairless parts of their bodies are light to dark brown in color depending on the age of the individual.

What is the animal group?


Describe the animal habitat?

Well a chimp can't go to a grocery store, which means their habitat, has to bold all of these folds, which means they should have a high biodiversity.

Where in the world is the animal found?(Include continent and country) Name and describe the biome or ecosystem in which the animal lives

They live in Central Africa

What are the food that they eat?

They means that they eat all sorts of vegetarian food, fruits, nuts, leaves, plant, mushrooms, flowers, insects, meats, and more.

List 5 interesting facts about your animal.

  • chimps occasionally hunt and eat meat.
  • An estimated 10,000 to 200,000 chimpanzees remain in the wild
  • Chimpanzees can't be found in