Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Identify the problem

Environmental problems

We have a lots of environmental problems these days. So I we are thinking about how can we recycle things. one of big environmental issue is so much trashes. Trashes brings us air pollution and soil pollution. Because when we have lack of trashes, we have to burnt it. Therefore, it would be make air pollution. Sometimes we put trashes at soil. It brings soil pollution. So we need a recycle. So I decide to recycle paper, Cardboard and plastic bottle (PET bottle). we can use tape and glue.

Target audience

My target audience is my little brother. He is a bit small, and his weight is 31.5 kg. I interviewed to him, which chair is the best fit for him. And he gave me some feedback. I will ask some feedback, when I finished to make a design of my chairs.


I will test to my brother on May 20th (My product will be tested). My client will give me some feedback, then about the product and the questionnaire I will provide will be directly linked to the design specification.

Design specification

* Chair should be made of recycled cardboard and paper( we can use some pet bottle).

* we can use tape and glue.

* The chair should be fit to my client.

*My client information:

- Name: Juho Kim

- Grade: 4/5 red (4th grade)

- Height: 126 cm

- Weight: 31. 5 kg


Process of paper and cardboard:

1. First, cut the tree finely ( making an chips).

2. Put the the chips of tree, water and chemicals and mix it.

3. Steam the mixture of chips of tree, water and chemicals with 170 degrees.

4. Hit the pulp to make fiber softly.

5. Put a filler, engine size and dyes then, put a lack of water to dilute.

6. Put this at moving net, and take off the waters.

7. Make it square,( using square case)

How to recycle paper or cardboard?

1. Prepare newspaper or reusable paper

2. Cut it finely

3. put the cut papers in water

4. Take out the papers from water, then spread it to square net

5. Dry it about 1-2 days.

6. Then finally it's done!

To developed my skills by making paper models, I make an paper craft model on class time.


>> The student explains the problem, discussing its relevance. The student critically investigates the problem, evaluating information from a broad range of appropriate, acknowledged sources. The student describes detailed methods for appropriate testing to evaluate the product/solution against the design specification.

Paper craft that I made on class time