Crafting PLE

The Art of Creating Personalized Learning Environments

JSGS Edition - May, 2016

Happy May Day! I can't believe how close we are to the finish line. Hang in there and get ready for that feeling of success that will be coming your way at the end of EOGs!

Important Info

PLEF Schedule

Tablet Collection time is here, and that means I will be pulled to help at other schools. Please remember that I will not be in the building after May 11 through the end of May, and possibly up until the end of school. I am still available through email, however.

Helps and Hints

Exporting Amplify Playlists

Want to save your Amplify Playlists? Here's a great video tutorial:

Backing Up to One Drive

Make sure students have backed up their documents from their tablets to One Drive. Here's a step-by-step if you need it:


It's Official!

The Lenovo Yoga IIe laptop devices have officially been approved by the GCS Board of Ed. Click the links below for news stories regarding the devices.

When will teachers receive their devices? Early June! Stay tuned for additional info regarding training options for the devices and official pick up dates.

EOY Review Resources

Quizlet gets Kahooty

From the Quizlet Blog site: Teachers--are you looking for a fun, engaging game for your classroom where students can learn from each other? That’s why we built Quizlet Live. It’s designed to bring fresh energy into classroom. Teams of students work together, racing to learn the material in a Quizlet study set. Correct answers move teams ahead, but wrong answers send teams back to zero. In order to win, students need to communicate with each other to make sure they pick correctly. Read more here:

See the 101 tutorial below!

Quizlet Live 101

Words of Wisdom

I think Kid President has the best Words of Wisdom.
Kid President + Peanuts // Life is like a comic.

Teena Martin, PLEF

What the heck is a PLEF? PLEF stands for Personalized Learning Environment Facilitator. Teena brings over 10 years of education experience having taught in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools in some very diverse institutions before becoming a PLEF. She has taught nearly every grade level and subject at some point. She has a Bachelor's degree in Special Education, and a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology.