Magy Vaughan

Reading Specilaist/Literacy Coach

My name is Magy Vaughan. I am a Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach at Bonner School, and I live in the Missoula area. One fun fact about me is that I just had my first child in August. His name is Alex, and he is doing great.

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I personally have had an iPad for a few years now, and I more recently recieved an iPad for my classroom. I try to integrate technology mainly with my Smartboard and with the four desktop computers I have in my room. Right now I have very few apps for students on my iPad, and I’d love to find more that really engage students in learning, especially those students who are hard to reach and dislike more typical activities. I’m really looking forward to learning more about how to utilize 1 ipad in a classroom and to find apps and strategies that work for my students. I’m also curious to learn how other schools are utilizing technology like ipads in their classrooms.