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Newsletter for Tennis Booster Club Members--01.06.20

Breaking News

Happy New Year & Welcome Back Everyone!!!

We're looking forward to having a great spring semester and a great 2020! We have several events in January and February. Please make plans to come support!!

The booster meeting will be NEXT MONDAY, January 13, 2019 @6pm @the Tennis Center.

We hope to have 4 parents from each team to volunteer to be "Team Parents" for their child's respective team.

  • You should expect to hear from your Team Parents in the coming weeks. PLEASE BE KIND to them 7 REMEMBER THEY ARE VOLUNTEERING their time when nobody else will.
  • This will be a new/evolving position--let us know if you have ideas to make it great

Question of the Week

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People Needed to Shadow Board Members & Take Over Positions Next Year

We will need a president, vice-president, secretary, volunteer coordinator, banquet chairperson and newsletter person. If you are interested in having a partner to help carry the load, that is also possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Monica Cole 972-978-7123 or coppelltennisbooster@gmail. She will be happy to answer any questions.

Hello Banquet Volunteers,

It’s that time of the year...preparing for our CHS Tennis Banquet! The date of this year’s banquet is FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2020.

I’m hoping our fabulous volunteers from last year are able to help again this year. You all made everything run so smoothly! I know we have several parents with senior players, so we are counting on your willingness to mentor incoming parents to make the transition easy for them next year and hopefully, lighten your work load this Banquet.

I’m listing the volunteer position you chaired from last year. Please let me know if you will be able to help again this year. I know life is constantly changing, so if you are unable to help this year, I completely understand. Just let me know as soon as you can.

A. Invitations/Programs - Supriya Srinivasa & Volunteer Needed to Shadow Chairperson

B. Decorations - Lorraine Mojica & Volunteer Needed to Shadow Chairperson

C. Photo Booth - Anita Patel & Volunteer Needed to Shadow Chairperson

D. Senior Flowers - Analyn Abbey & Volunteer Needed to Shadow Chairperson

E. Senior Posters - Kirthi Kannan & Volunteer Needed to Shadow Chairperson

F. Video - Monica Cole & Devan Patel & Volunteer Needed to Shadow Chairperson

G. Check In Table -

  • Varsity -Volunteers Needed
  • JV1 - Volunteers Needed
  • JV2 - Volunteers Needed
  • Freshman - Volunteers Needed

H. Coaches gifts - Kelley Parlier & Monica Cole

I. Banquet Chair - Jan Ciskowski

  • Banquet Co-Chair - Anita Patel
  • Banquet Co-Chair - Volunteer needed

Thank you all for your consideration and continued support of our CHS Tennis Team!

Please feel free to call/text/email (469-233-9113 me with any questions or comments.

Thank you!

Jan Ciskowski

Coach's Report

Welcome Back!

We hit the ground running in 2020.

  • JV1 Practice: 8:15 am Daily (Except on Tournament Days)
  • Varsity Practice: Until 4:45 Monday-Thursday (Except on Tournament Days)
  • Our first tournaments will be Tuesday, January 21, 2020--JV & Friday, January 31, 2020--Varsity
  • Our complete schedule is on the website.

Remember the Booster meeting has been moved to NEXT MONDAY, January 13, 2020 @6pm.


Distribution of Collected Items for Mental Health Diversion Court

The distribution of collected items for the Mental Health Diversion Court was carried out prior to the break. Several of our players from multiple teams were able to participate. It was wonderful to be able to give to those less fortunate. Thanks to all who donated!
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Down the Line (Save the Date)

MONDAY, January 13, 2019 @6pm @the Tennis Center--Coppell Tennis Booster Meeting

January 21, 2020--Grapevine JV Tournament

January 22, 2020--Lewisville JV Tournament

January 29, 2020--Grapevine JV Tournament

January 31, 2020--Grapevine Varsity Tournament

February 5, 2020--Marauder JV Tournament

February 7-8, 2020--Coppell Super Bowl Varsity Tournament

February 11, 2020--Fossil Ridge JV Tournament

February 12, 2020--Hurst JV Tournament

February 14-15, 2020--McKinney Varsity Tournament

February 20, 2020 @10am--Varsity Leaves for Midland

February 21-22, 2020--Tall Cities Varsity Tournament

February 26, 2020--Marcus (LEF) JV Tournament

February 27, 2020--Central JV Tournament

February 28, 2020--Central Varsity Tournament

Upcoming Meeting Dates

ALL PARENTS are welcome and encouraged to attend Regular Booster Meetings.

Monday, January 13 @ 6pm—Regular Booster Meeting (NEW DATE!!)

Monday, February 3 @ 6pm—Regular Booster Meeting

Monday, March 2 @ 6pm—Regular Booster Meeting

Monday, April 6 @ 6pm—Regular Booster Meeting

Monday, May 4 @ 6pm—Regular Booster Meeting

Team Mates

Coach: Rich Foster

Coach: Natalie Landa

President: Kelley Parlier

Vice President: Monica Cole

Co-Secretary: Rajeev Seetha

Co-Secretary: Neeta Seetha

Co-Volunteer Coordinator: Analyn Abbey

Co-Volunteer Coordinator: Mark Abbey

Treasurer: Debbie Crumpler treasurerchstennis@gmail

Newsletter: Monica Cole

Webmaster: Teri Pratt


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