Refresh Support Services

Specialist Domiciliary Care and Support

What we do

Provide in-reach support to people with a variety of mental health or associated complex needs. Offer safe housing options for those who may be at risk of homelessness or unemployment relating to their mental health needs and supporting them to maintain their tenancy.

We provide in-reach support, promoting independence, for people living in their own supporred tenancies and encourage move-on to more independent living.

Typical supported tenancies

Our system - how we achieve our aim, our ethos and how we support people.

The service will conduct professional assessments and agree support and protection plans and appropriate interventions. This will be delivered through initially intensive, then tapered in-reach, organised through training packages linked to risk management, safety and vulnerability. Our interventions are designed to support clients who may need short bursts of initially high intensity support thereby reducing hospital admissions and reducing the need for expensive support from statutory agencies.

The service provided is decided on an individual basis dependent on needs and risks identified. This normally runs for 12 weeks but will vary according to individual needs. As the individual proceeds through their individual programme and outcomes are met, the service supports the ‘moving on’ of individuals into their own homes maintaining support during the transitional period and on-going assessment as their needs require.

We are Refresh Support Services

At the address, email and telephone number below, you should be greated by Catherine, Brian or Scott, all of whom will welcome your call and do their best to help you.