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May 18th, 2020

The MORE that you READ...

Children learn to love the sound of language before they even notice the existence of printed words on a page. Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word.

On Thursday, April 16, Governor Tony Evers extended Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order through May 26. Among other provisions, the amended order allows for public libraries to begin offering curbside pick-up of library items after the current order expires on April 24. The library began offering curbside pickup on Monday, May 4. For everyone's health and safety, the Stoughton library will be closed until further notice.

Staff at the library are hosting online story times for preschoolers and activity ideas for K-5 children. For more information on the Stoughton Public Library click on the link.

The more PLACES you'll GO! Erin and Sara Jane

4K Virtual Learning Sites

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Brain Breaks for Kids

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Please take a few minutes to fill out our district survey for families. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate these historic times. Family Survey

End of the Year Calendar Dates

May 24: Memorial Day - No School
June 5: Last day for new 4K activities posted online

June 5: Progress Reports sent home

June 8-9: 4K teachers available to families

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SASD COVID-19 Updates

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Emergency Homeschooling: How to Support your Kids During a Coronavirus School Closure

Fostering Learning at Home

Caregivers who find themselves quarantined at home, or housebound due to school closures, have a variety of resources at their fingertips for keeping children engaged and learning.

Read aloud: When you stock up on groceries, make an extra stop at the library to stock up on books to read aloud to your children. Many libraries also have ebook or audiobook lending programs, so even if you can’t go to the library in person, you may be able to download books to read. Quite a few books for children and teens are also available to read for free online through various services.

Studies show that reading to your children is highly beneficial to their vocabulary development and reading comprehension. Children develop mature literacy skills through learning to make sense of language that is not about the here and now, so talking through key story elements with children is an essential component of reading aloud together.

For more information and activities click on the link:

Emergency Homeschooling: How to Support your Kids During a Coronavirus School Closure


PLAY is a powerful source of learning for your child. As children make plans, get hands-on, think outside of the box, explore, experiment, and problem-solve, they are building valuable skills! Build a play plan with your child by brainstorming a list of favorite play ideas together.

Your child undoubtedly has favorite ways to play at home. Build on those! What is your child’s favorite way to play at school? How could you recreate some part of that at home? Maybe your kitchen sink could become a water table for twenty minutes. Perhaps a corner of the couch could become your book area. You may not have a big set of wooden blocks, but do you have Legos? Jenga blocks? Plastic cups? Any of these could be used for constructive play. What about pretend play? Playing restaurant could be a fun spin on dinner time now and then. A blanket over a table could become almost anything --- a hideout, a spaceship, a submarine, a castle tower. Don’t try to recreate school, but think about how you can bring some of that powerful play home and let your child take the lead as much as possible.

When possible, GET OUTSIDE. Go for a walk. Listen for birds, look for signs of the changing seasons, play I Spy. You’ll be building science and observation skills, while also getting important therapeutic benefits. Nature has restorative properties for the body, mind, and soul. Get some fresh air regularly to beat the cabin fever blahs.

READ EVERYDAY! Reading is one of the simplest ways we can regularly invest in early learning. As you read, talk about the words, feelings, ideas, and pictures in the book. Ask your child to find favorite letters, to predict what will happen next, or to chime in with repeating patterns. Story time doesn’t have to mean sitting still. If your child doesn’t want to settle in to read, try reading while your child draws, builds with blocks, or eats lunch. Give your child the chance to be in charge of story time too! Your child can read/retell the story to you, to your pets, or to an audience of toys.

For more ideas go to Not Just Cute with Amanda Morgan, MS

The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Happy, Busy and Learning if Their School Closes Due to Coronavirus

Go to recess

If possible, add in two to three recess times for your child to explore outside. Remember that recess time is a part of school life and kids are used to a little cold and a little rain. While there is no official guidance in the U.S. on how much time to spend outside these days, some experts have recommended open spaces like parks over playgrounds, where the equipment isn’t necessarily the most hygienic. Or, if you have a backyard, let the kids run around there. Outdoor time has lots of benefits for kids – and a key one for you: If they burn off steam, they may be more tired and willing to go to sleep at night.

For more information go to: The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Happy, Busy and Learning if Their School Closes Due to Coronavirus

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Are you interested in serving on the SASD School Board committee?

The Stoughton Area School District Board of Education plans to appoint two community members to each of the following committees to serve for a one-year period: the Finance and Facilities Committee, which is responsible for functions of the current Finance and Facilities Committees (except for safety issues); and the Community Relations Committee, responsible for collecting input from community stakeholders about the District's performance, building relationships with the City and Towns, and developing and overseeing Board-community linkages.

Any community member interested in serving on one of the committees may apply by visiting the SASD School Board Committee Information page and completing the Google Form application by Saturday, May 30.


Erin Conrad, 4K Principal/Kegonsa Principal


Kate Ahlgren, Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Sara Jane Lee, 4K Inclusion Support Teacher


Mindy Holverson, 4K Educational Assistant


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