Mr. Jenkins 11th grade US History

Fort Sumter Field Trip

Field Trip Information

The buses will leave the high school at 6:45 Wednesday (2/3/16) morning. The students will arrive back to the high school at 7 PM on that same day. Students will spend the day learning about the historical sight of Fort Sumter along with the battle that took place their and will need to pack lunches to eat while in the Fort.

Permission Slips are due February 1st! (2/1/16) The trip will cost 50$ per student

If you would like to Chaperon please email me, 1 or 2 are welcome!

Things to do!

Explore options for outdoor experiences at Fort Sumter National Monument units throughout the Charleston area. Learn about opportunities for guided experiences at Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie through guided tours.

SC State Standards Covered in Field Trip

USHC-3.1 Evaluate the relative importance of political events and issues that divided the nation and led to civil war, including the compromises reached to maintain the balance of free and slave states, the abolitionist movement, the Dred Scott case, conflicting views on states’ rights and federal authority, the emergence of the Republican Party, and the formation of the Confederate States of America.

USHC-3.2 Summarize the course of the Civil War and its impact on democracy, including the major turning points; the impact of the Emancipation Proclamation; the unequal treatment afforded to African American military units; the geographic, economic, and political factors in the defeat of the Confederacy; and the ultimate defeat of the idea of secession.

USHC-3.3 Analyze the effects of Reconstruction on the southern states and on the role of the federal government, including the impact of the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments on opportunities for African Americans.

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