2015 A Year in Retrospect

Julien Lamarre Tygett

The Three Best Marketing Campaigns of 2015

1. Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola is a beverage company that only sold its flagship product Coca-Cola-Coca until 1985 almost 100 years after its founding. Coca-Cola owns everything from Sprite to Vitamin Water. Cola's movement from making individual ads for each of their products to featuring all four Coca-Cola variations was a genius marketing strategy because instead of being four different products, they were now just perceived as tiny variations of the same product.

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2. Pom Wonderful: Pom Wonderful is a beverage company that sells pure pomegranate juice. Pom Wonderful released a barrage of funny advertisements each featuring a customer drinking Pom Wonderful and a creature made of Pomegranate juice that always knocks something over accidentally. During these commercials the narrator talks about the antioxident properties of Pom Wonderful. This campaign is well done because it is both humorous and informative. It stays in the mind of the potential customer.

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FairLife Milk: Fair Life Milk is a new reformulation of regular milk that has more protein and calcium, and less sugar. FairLife's "Life is Fair" marketing campaign was a giant success launching the company into the public eye. FairLife was developed and is owned by Coca-Cola, thus furthering Coca-Cola domination of the beverage market. This year, FairLife boasted sails of over $43 million.

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Best Products of 2015

Worst Products of 2015

Best Movies of 2015


A movie about a doctor who exposed the health risks of pro football. This movie was marketed as a thriller and a drama. Publicized by actors going on Late Night talk shows.

Star Wars

The much anticipated seventh Star Wars movie. The trailer broke the internet when released.

Top Musical Artists of 2015

1. Adele. Adeles best selling album broke sales records and was a hallmark of 2015. Adele marketed her album by airing commercials on tv.
2. Drake. Drake's hotline bling was a giant hit that spurred many memes that inadvertently marketed the song.

New years Resolutions

1. Do 60 push ups every other day

2. Get along better wit my mother

3. Get all A's

10 Abandoned Places You're not Allowed to Visit

1. Prypyat. A town located next to the Chernobyl nuclear plant that blew up in 1986 irradiating the town of Prypyat.

2. Hanford Site: Uranium refinery used during World War 2. The entire site is extremely radioactive.

3. North Brother Island. A small island near Manhattan that has an abandoned insane asylum.

4. Area 51. Nelllis Air Force Base AKA Area 51 is an secret base used by the military to test new aircraft technology.

5. Aralsk 7 Research Base. Abandoned research facility used by the Soviet Union in the 1970's that is highly contaminated with radiation and bio weapons.