September 12 - September 16, 2022

We Had a Fantastic First Week!!

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Welcome Westview Class of 2026!

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This Week's Calendar

Monday, September 12 - B Day

Senior Class Meeting 1pm (Auditorium)

Girls Soccer vs Central Catholic 7pm

Tuesday, September 13 - A Day

PTO Meeting 7pm-8:30pm (Zoom)

Last day for all schedule changes

Wednesday, September 14 - B Day

Boys Soccer vs Sherwood 7pm

Thursday, September 15 - A Day

Volleyball vs Southridge 6:45pm

Friday, September 16 - B Day

Looking ahead:

October 6 = Back to School Night (Virtual)

November 4 = Picture Retakes

Parent Square Calendar Link

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Senior Class Meeting on Monday


We have our first class meeting on Monday at 1pm in the auditorium. These are required meetings to share important information with you throughout the year. We will be discussing valuable information around graduation, senior projects, and more...

Also, you will get your class shirts!

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First PTO Meeting This Tuesday

Westview's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) will be holding their first meeting on Tuesday, September 13 from 7pm-8:30pm. The meeting will be virtual through Zoom. Any interested parents are invited to attend. The Zoom link will be sent out on Tuesday morning to our parent/guardian community.

PTO is also looking for parents to help organize the Class of 2023's Grad Night Celebration!

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Westview Cat Cave

Hello, Westview Parents,

Westview has a Free Student Clothes Closet (and Household Items, too), known as the "Cat Cave".

Further information:

  • Located in Portable #6, which is directly out the back doors of the Student Center.
  • Will be open during student lunch hours throughout the school year (final schedule to be determined). If those times do not work for your child, please contact their counselor or email Westview's Social Worker, Caty Marshall at caty_marshall@beaverton.k12.or.us

Please be sure to have your student stop by to pick up any needed clothes, shoes, school supplies, household supplies and/or toiletries/personal care items.

We have a limits on the following:

  • Backpacks - 1 per student per school year (If yours breaks during the school year, we would absolutely replace it.)
  • Shoes - 4 pairs per student per school year - We do ask that you spread them out so that we have a supply for all.
  • Winter Coats - 1 per person per school year
  • RainCoats - 1 per person per school year
  • Calculators - 1 per person per school year
  • Household supplies - limits are noted on each bin and is per visit per family.
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Cat Cave Volunteers Needed

The Cat Cave (Westview's Free Student Clothing and Household Items Closet) is looking for parent volunteers to act as Coordinators, as well as cover lunches so students will have access to the Cave during school hours.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email whsCatCave@gmail.com or reach out to Westview's Social Worker, Caty Marshall at Caty_Marshall@beaverton.k12.or.us.

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Congratulations Sam Bouchard and Thilaga Arunarasu!

Sam Bouchard '23, and Thilaga Arunarasu '23 were recipients of the Jonathan D. Lewis Scholarship for $2,000 for their research in the Partnership for Scientific Inquiry Program at OHSU this summer.

Sam worked with world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ahmed Raslan at the OHSU Neurosurgery Spine Center researching the Triple Code Model for numerical cognition as well as cutting-edge invasive neuroimaging in severe traumatic brain injury patients. He will co-author a manuscript entitled "Exploring Numerical Cognition with Intracranial Electroencephalography", in preparation.

Thilaga worked with Dr. Danielle Osborne in the DOW Neurobiology lab at Legacy Health, helping with her research on how obesity increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by looking at the hippocampi of mice.

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Welcome from the College and Career Center

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Parking Flow and DropOff / PickUp

We want to make you aware of the parking situation at Westview High School. Most neighborhoods surrounding Westview now have restricted parking on their streets. They have signs posted on their streets that say "No Parking Except By Permit." Please do not park in their neighborhoods to avoid ticket fees and/or potential towing.

Traffic flow before and after school can be chaotic. We would like to minimize the chaos as much as possible by establishing clear routes for drop-off and pick-up locations. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. The true secret to arriving to school on-time and with less traffic is arriving early.

The traffic route on the North-side is for drop-offs, and the other traffic route is on the South-side for student drivers. On the South-side, remember that students are parking and then walking to the building. We do not want any drop-offs happening here. Please do not drop off students on the South side. All Drop-offs should only happen on the North Side. Please follow the route on the map.

Parents and Students, please be kind, respectful, and follow all traffic and parking rules when driving and parking on school grounds.

The map below shows the designated parking areas and traffic flow in to the pick up/drop off north lot. This traffic flow is the traditional flow and no the same pick up direction as last year. We had to change our system last year due to more parent drivers and our traffic backing up onto 185th. We believe we can return to our standard flow, but will monitor in case we need to make adjustments. Parent can always drop off 15-30 minutes early and pick up 15-30 minutes late to avoid lines. The library is open before and after school.
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Student Parking

Assigned parking will not start for at least the first two weeks of school. We are selling parking spaces to 12th graders during the first two weeks and remaining spots to 11th graders the following week through a lottery if needed. Assigned parking will not begin until the September 26.

If you need to park in the neighborhoods around our campus, please pay attention to areas that require permits. Also, be sure to park safely and respectfully in these areas. Thank you!

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Student Schedules

Scheduling Guidelines

Hello students and welcome back. Our counselors just wanted to let you know, courses are very full this year. Counselors have worked diligently to ensure that every student starts the school year with a full and appropriate schedule for the beginning of the school year. We also wanted to let everyone know that we are not able to make schedule changes based on teacher preference, elective choice, lunch choice, athletics, or period preference.

Schedule corrections will only be made for students who have a hole in their schedule, who are placed in the wrong level of class, for Juniors or Seniors who wish to drop a class for late arrival/early release, Teacher Aide, or Office Aide, or a class that may be needed to be on track for graduation.

Please refer to the list below of appropriate and inappropriate schedule change requests:

Examples of Appropriate requests

● Filling a hole

● Placement in the wrong level of a course (such as AGS III if they haven’t completed


● Errors such a course that has already been taken

Examples of Inappropriate requests

● Teacher changes

● Switching class periods

● Changing electives for any reason

● Requesting a different lunch

These policies have been communicated to students and their families during course selection in the Spring.

If you have an appropriate schedule change request, please come up to the library, complete a schedule change request form and during the first week of school, a counselor will be available to meet with you to provide the support you need for your schedule.

Please do not email counselors schedule change requests. If you have a request, please complete the schedule change form and submit it for a counselor to review. Email requests will not be accepted.

The last day for all schedule changes will be on Tuesday, September 13th, 2022. We will not be accepting forms past this date.

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Photos From the Week

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Admin and Counselor Support 2022-23

Counselor Support (by Student Last Name)

  • AVID: Tim Shaw
  • A - CAR: Anna Adamko
  • CAS - FRI: Amanda Budhi
  • FRJ - JUD: John Gaines
  • JUE - MAZ: Forrest Rosser
  • MBA - POZ: Michelle Bilderbeck
  • PPA - STE: Naseem Saremi
  • STF - Z - Ricardo Torres

Admin Support (By Student Last Name)

  • Tina Myers: A - FRI
  • Matt Smith: FRJ - JUN
  • Ben Lyman: MBA - STE
  • Juan Carlos Gomez: STF - Z and AVID

Student Manager

  • Hope Pearson

WESTVIEW PHONE: 503-356-3020

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Bell Schedule

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Chromebook Damaged? Need a Chromebook? Tech Support?

If you have a Chromebook or technology need and would like to email or come to the school for support, please email:




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You Can Pay Fines and Fees Online

Families are able to purchase ASB and pay fines and fees online. Below is a link to make payments. You will need you ParentVue information in order to access.

Online Payments

ParentVue Login and Access Info

Apps for Parent and Guardians

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Parent Square Communication

The Beaverton School District is now using the ParentSquare platform for district, school and teacher communications, primarily with email, text and app notifications. ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent/guardian, using their preferred email address and phone number.

Here is a link for more information: BSD ParentSquare Information

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2022-2023 School Calendar

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