K-5 Social Studies

Online Library Resources

Accessing Library Resources

  1. Direct link
  2. Staff bookmarks: Electronic Resources > choose your school.

  3. To save a resource, look for language like Bookmark or Share.
  4. Citations are usually available in these tools to identify where resources were found.

Useful Library Resources for Social Studies

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Learn360 Video Library

Destiny Library Catalog - Vetted Websites

  1. Choose the Destiny Library Catalog link.
  2. Click on the Catalog tab to search.
  3. Search for materials inside your library AND pre-evaluated valid web pages by choosing the white Web Sites tab on the right.

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Destiny - Creating Resource Lists

  1. To share resources with your students use the Resource List feature! First, log in.
  2. Find the white Login button in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Log in using your single-sign-on name (last name + first two letters of your first name). The password is your staff ID number.
  4. Using the green Catalog tab, choose Resource Lists from the menu on the left.
  5. Click Add List button > Type in titles and check the box to "Make this list Public locally" > Save.
  6. Choose Library Search from the menu on the left > type in search term > Enter.
  7. Verify that the “Selected list” is the one you just created and check “Add to this list” for each title you wish to add.
  8. Note that you can also add websites to resource lists by using the white Web Sites tab.
  9. Public lists can be accessed by choosing Resource Lists & the Public Lists tab.

Standard BSD Login for Library Resources

To access resources from outside BSD:

Username: beavsd

Password: griffith

Library of Congress - Primary Source Sets

Library Services