Jack The Ripper

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Who, What, When, Where, Why

Jack The Ripper was the name given to the unidentified serial killer that terrorized the streets of London in 1888. Near the Whitechapel District from August 7 to September 10, Jack the Ripper violently murdered five prostitutes from the slums. The killer had an unusual way of killing his victims; after cutting the throats, the murderer would extract their organs from their body. Since this process was done in a rather professional way this indicated that the killer was very familiar with human anatomy. The media and the public concluded that these killings were all connected due to the consistent mutilated victims. Jack The Ripper was never convicted however, and to this day continues to be the most famous and mysterious criminal throughout history.

Perspective #1 the media portrays

Considering this was the first serial killer story in history, the media portrayed many conspiracies to this case. After a leader of the prostitutes: Mary Kelly, started blackmailing the British Royal family about a secret marriage that was going on, the media then stirred up a story connecting the Royal Family and the Freemasons. More specifically, Lord Randolph Churchill. Since Churchill was the highest Freemason around and was desperate to protect the name of the Royal family, he put together a group to plan on murdering five prostitutes from the streets.The media really stirred upset between the family and the Freemasons after being linked with the violent murders.

Perspective #2 the media portrays

Another theory the media ran with was that the killer could possibly be a women, or more specific a midwife. Since the killer was always described as a man, then a women would find it easy to hid in plain sight. A midwife would be seen at all times of night, plus due to her work; she would constantly be covered in blood and have the knowledge of human anatomy that would fit the descriptions of the killings. Not only did the media think this was highly possible put got the public thinking it as well due to the failure of finding a suspect.

Media Bias

I personally believe that the media was most convincing with the killer being tied to the British Royal family and the Freemasons. The facts provided that they had a motive to the killings; which makes the perspective more believable. The British Royal family and Freemasons both had power, which could prove why they were never convicted or tried for the crimes they may have committed. Overall the conspiracy dealing with the Royal family ties the killings together better, plus the use of the media was very persuasive with factual evidence.

Feminist Criticism

Feminist Criticism is used widely throughout the media perspectives. For instance the killer only targeting female prostitutes. This could either label females as something weak or bad for society. Also, this establishes a sense of empowerment towards men.

Marxist Criticism

Marxist criticism is widely used because the killer shows his power through his killings. The violent murderer believed that he was above the prostitutes; that they were only scum to society. So the killings he terrorized London with was acceptable. Only for the reasons that the killer believed that he was superior over the victims.
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