Setting up Assignment Weights

How much should each "type" of assignment weigh?

#1: Go to Grade Book Setup

*Be sure you have set up your term/semester weights!
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#2 Under "Assignment Weighting" input the weights for each category.

You can have as many categories as you desire, but the total must equal 100%. Please speak with your PLC or IL about your content's agreed upon categories and weights.

You can also edit the colors on this screen if you would like certain assignments to be assigned a color (the example above shows this).
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#3 Save Weights to All Classes

If your scroll to the bottom of the screen, you can click on all the classes that also need these assignment weights.

Once that is done. click UPDATE at the top of the screen. Then, you're done!

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OPTIONAL STEP #1: Create your own Assignment Types

If desired, you can create your own assignment types. At the top of the screen (when you are in Grade Book Setup), choose Assignment Types.
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OPTIONAL STEP #2: Add your assignment type

Click on NEW and fill in the information for your assignment type. Under Sequence, input a number 0-10 (most are just 0).

Click on Insert to save it!

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