Saving Private Ryan

The Movie of The Century

Given 5 Stars by Aristotle!


  • Plot: The timeless plot of warfare and the men who must wage it interests and captivates the audience! I loved when the tank exploded at the end, a perfect example of Deus ex Machina!
  • Thought: The underlying themes and subplot of warfare, humanity, and kindness permeate throughout the main plot of Saving Private Ryan. These will stick with the audience long after the credits roll.
  • Character: Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, and all the other actors are perfect in their roles. These characters move the plot along and keep the audience on an emotional roller coaster!
  • Diction: The writers did an excellent job with the script. They used it to add artistic value and insight into the movie. The writing and dialogue was above anything I've ever heard previously.
  • Sound: The musical score fit the themes of the movie perfectly, immersing the audience within the drama. Similarly, the sound effects of the warfare were excellent and created atmosphere in the movie.
  • Spectacle: The battle scenes and special effects are amazing without being too excessive. The realism of the set-pieces and costumes really makes the audience believe they are seeing a war unfold!