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This Religious Education Year Draws to a Close

This will be the final Sunday with full programing for this church year. The youth groups will have their final gatherings next Sunday, June 9th, and we will begin our summer programming for children (one all ages class) then as well. A huge thank you to the team of volunteers who have helped make this a great year for our children and youth:

Family Greeters: Tiffany Felch and Sharon Love

Spirit Play Teachers: Sara St. Clair, Martha Nicoloff, Bryndis Danke, Maelynn Danke, and Chloe Meyer

Labyrinth Learning Assistants: Cheryl Hanks, Holly Robinson, Jacqueline Collett, Kate Harrington, John Snyder, and Alicia and Jason Martinelli

Middle School Advisors: Mischa Gilraen, Barry Zickuhr, Erik Felch, Jane Brody, and Wendy Endress

OWL Facilitators: Curtis Tanner, Trish Ocean, and Lucia Wyss

Youth Advisors: Linden Bentley, Faith Addicott, Tom Crawford, and Taffy Lund

The gifts of time, energy, talent, and care that these people shared are vital to the success of our ministry to children and youth. Thank you!

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We need summer volunteers!

Each week we will have a Guest Maker demonstrate a craft, skill, or hobby, and then children will have time to work as Makers in our Maker Space Lab. This fun and hands-on program focuses on building skills that can be applied to hands-on faith in action in our world.

Sign up Here:

Support the Olympia Free Clinic through our Supply Drive

The kids are doing their spring service project right now, which this year they chose to focus on Healthcare. When we reached out to the Olympia Free Clinic they suggested the kids could collect snacks and drinks for the clinic volunteers, many of whom come straight from work to work a volunteer shift.

By Sunday June 2nd:

  • Snack donations for volunteers at the Olympia Free Clinic:
  • Individually wrapped non-perishable snacks, such as:
  • granola bars
  • crackers
  • cookies
  • sparkling waters

Look for our collection bins in the Commons and the RE Entry Hallway!

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This Sunday June 2, 2019


  • Nursery Care
  • Spirit Play for All Ages: The Flaming Chalice Lesson


  • Nursery Care
  • Spirit Play for PreK: The Flaming Chalice Lesson
  • Labyrinth Learning for 1st-5th grades: The Spring Service Project
  • Middle School group, watching "What Do You Believe?"

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If you have not already done so, please take some time this week to complete the registration form for the new program year.

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