Staff Weekly Update

For the Week of April 30th, 2018

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REMINDER: Connie & Martha - RtI Road Trip

Just a friendly reminder that on May 2nd-4th, we will be in the tropical destination of Des Moines, Iowa for an RtI Workshop. It is challenging to be out for one day let alone three full days, however, please know we will be available by cell phone for any outlier circumstances. Iowa is on Central Time so it will be 1-hour earlier. We also have great trust and faith in all of you and your professional judgment. Jessica will be available to assist and we may also have some folks from central office stop by to ensure things are going smoothly. We are very excited to attend this workshop. We feel confident it will support SGE in continuing to improve our RtI process for both students and staff.

End of Year Preparations

2018-2019 SGE Calendar

  • This year, the office team has created an electronic SGE calendar for next year
  • It is located in our Stonegate Staff files
  • It is titled: 18-19 SGE Calendar of Events (tentative)
  • Please work with your team to start filling out grade-level and/or classroom-only events on this shared document.
  • The deadline to have this filled out by your team and by you is Friday, June 8th, 2018.

Student Profile Sheets

  • The deadline is Friday, June 8th, 2018

18-19 Class Lists

  • You will receive a share link by the end of this week to an excel document this week
  • Please fill the tentative class lists for the next grade level
  • The deadline is Friday, June 8th, 2018

Calendar Items

Mon. April 30th

  • ISTEP+ Part 2 for 4th Gr. - 4/23 - 5/1
  • 8:00 - Largent in post-observation mtg
  • 8:30 - Largent in post-observation mtg
  • 9:00 - ICC for 3rd grader - Farley, Watson, Lewis - conf. room
  • 10:20 - Largent in post-observation mtg
  • 11:05 - Wetzel in 4th gr. lunch group - Jessica's office
  • 11:50 - Largent in post-observation mtg
  • 1:45 - Staffing for 4th grader - Largent, Farley, Watson, Knueven - conf. room
  • 2:40 - Farley in post-observation mtg.
  • 2:45 - Office Team meeting - conf. room

Tues. May 1st

  • ISTEP+ Part 2 for 4th Gr. - LAST DAY!!
  • Kyle Beimfohr at SGE - all day
  • 8:30 - Elementary Admin. Team mtg - Largent/Farley - PVE
  • 8:30 - Counselor's lesson - Voelker
  • 11:35 - HS Peers
  • 11:35 - Connie/Martha in mtg w/ teacher - Martha's office
  • 1:30 - Principal's Office time
  • 2:30 - Speech ACR for 4th grader - Wetzel, Fure, Voelker - Jessica's office
  • 2:40 - Grade Level Planning mtg
  • 2:45 - Wellness Team mtg - Leslie's room
  • 2:45 - CC for 3rd grader - Largent, Farley, Watson, Brizzolara - conf. room
  • 2:45 - Staffing for 2nd grader - Largent, Delp, Andries - Abby's room
  • 4:00(ish) - Connie/Martha leave for the airport

Wed. May 2nd

  • ISTEP+ Part 2 - MAKE-UPS
  • Connie/Martha - RtI Workshop - Iowa
  • PTO's Scholastic Book Fair - 5/2-5/4 - cafe stage
  • 8:30 - Counselor's lesson - Milam
  • 2:45 - Staffing for KDG'r - Fure, Wetzel, Wagner - conf. room

Thurs. May 3rd

  • ISTEP+ Part 2 - MAKE-UPS
  • Connie/Martha - RtI Workshop - Iowa
  • PTO's Scholastic Book Fair - 5/2-5/4 - cafe stage
  • 8:30 - Counselor's lesson - Knueven
  • 10:00 - Wetzel in Voelker's room
  • 11:05 - Wetzel in 4th gr. lunch group - Jessica's office
  • 2:40 - Grade Level mtgs for RtI
  • 2:40 - Staffing for 2nd grader - Delp, Watson
  • 2:45 - USS Building Support Team mtg - conf. room

Fri. May 4th

  • ISTEP+ Part 2 - MAKE-UPS
  • Connie/Martha - RtI Workshop - Iowa
  • PTO's Scholastic Book Fair - 5/2-5/4 - cafe stage
  • PTO Spirit Day - Indy 500
  • KDG Field Trip - Holliday Park
  • 7:15 - 7:50 - PTO's Morning with Mom - gymnasium
  • 8:30 - Counselor's lesson - Brown
  • 9:00 - Wetzel w/ Spencer (Therapy Dog) - Jessica's office
  • 10:00 - Wetzel/Beimfohr in Canvas meeting - Jessica's office

Important Announcements & Reminders

End of Year ZTEP . . . Important Dates:

  • May 4th - Last day to upload artifacts into SFS
  • May 22nd - ALL available data (rubric scores) will be viewable by Tuesday, May 22nd at 9:00 AM
  • June 5th - SLO data due to primary evaluator (not ISTEP). This is five working days after the last teacher contract day.


  • PTO has generously donated $15,000 to our Spring enrichment grant.
  • We plan to use the bulk of $$ to purchase about 40 new touch Chromebooks and a virtual reality classroom set.
  • If there is anything else you'd like to request, please fill out the PTO Wish List Google form

Main Office Slide Show - Thanks, Joe Budd!

  • As you all now know, Joe Budd has graciously offered to create and maintain our main office slide show. He has been doing a WONDERFUL job! If there is anything specific you'd like for him to add, please reach out to him directly.

Do you have special plans for the last day of school?

  • This day will be here before we know it! PLEASE help us prepare for this exciting day by letting us know if you have special plans for you and/or your grade level team (ie, having a pizza lunch in the classrooms). Please click here to fill out this Google form.
  • Why do we need to know? For example, depending on how many choose to eat or not eat lunch in the cafe, we might "modify" the lunch schedule so there aren't large gaps of time. We would also send a message to parents to let them know in case they wanted to surprise their child for lunch. Thanks!

Summer Professional Development Request

Reminder - Restroom Procedures . . . PLEASE continue this practice, thanks!

  1. BEFORE your class starts a RR break in that location, please check (adult/teacher) BOTH girls and boys RR area and the stalls to ensure they are free of any objects (ie - lots of toilet paper stuffed in the toilets, crayons, etc . . . )
  2. Have one responsible boy and girl be the RR monitor the entire time and once your class is done, have him/her use the RR last
  3. Before the class leaves, please check (adult/teacher) the RR area all stalls one last time to ensure they are in good condition.
  4. Send students in PAIRS to use the RR, so that one student can be the "monitor" to ensure nothing inappropriate happens
  5. Please have a community circle w/ your class about the restrooms and to underscore if they notice something wrong to tell us immediately

ABM - Nightly Floor Pick-Up Request:

  • Can you please ensure your students help at the end of the day with picking up as much as possible off the floor so the evening team can vacuum in an efficient manner?
  • It's a domino effect. Typically, the custodian(s) have to stop while vacuuming and pick-up larger objects that clearly should have been moved . . . this delays their timeline in getting to the next classroom to clean. And then, IF the vacuum picks up a smaller foreign object, it could get "stuck" and causes the custodian to stop and try to repair the vacuum on the spot or go back downstairs and get a different vacuum. In extreme cases, they have had to call another building and ask to borrow their vacuum. All of this has a ripple effect in getting to the next room and/or multiple rooms.

Technology Work Orders - Reminder from Dan Layton

  • It is always extremely helpful if you can submit actual technology work orders for any help you need. Please refrain from picking up the phone or emailing a question.
  • The link is provided under the teacher section of the ZCS website or by clicking this link:

Leaving EARLY afterschool and you've gotten permission from Connie/Martha . . .

  • If this is the case for you, please help us by always emailing the entire office team to let them know you've gotten permission and also leave your cell # in the email message, in case we need to contact you.
  • Who is the "office team?" Connie, Martha, Angie, Jen, Jessica, Hailey

Reminder About ABM Workorders

  • Did your trash not get picked up? Does it seem the carpet didn't get vacuumed? Please help Angie & Jen out by filling out an ABM workorder on your own. Thanks!

  • 1. Go to the Zionsville web site

    2. Click on Teachers/staff tab

    3. Scroll down about halfway

    4. You’ll see a section “Workorder Requests”

    5. Click on Custodial workorder.

Personal Business Leave Google Form

  • Please click here to access this form and then don't forget to SAVE this page under your "favorites."
  • Finally, as a friendly reminder of our ZCS Personal Business Leave + good information to know for our newest staff, I have copied/pasted the email about personal days sent by Becky Coffman on 5/8/16. This is per our CBA - Collective Bargaining Agreement
Section 9.03 Personal Business Leave
  • A. Amount – Each employee shall be entitled to be absent from work three (3) days each school year for the transaction of personal business or the conduct of personal or civic affairs. Such leaves may be used in whole or half day increments. Requests for personal business leave should be made 48 hours in advance in writing to the building principal. In cases of emergency or other similar unforeseen circumstance, requests may be made orally to both the substitute coordinator and the building principal.
  • B. Employees are discouraged from using personal business leave on staff development days or to extend a school vacation. If used on a staff development day then the employee remains totally responsible for securing the learning lost from their being absent during that activity.
  • C. Accumulation – If an employee does not use all of the personal business leave in a given school year, the remaining personal business leave shall be accumulated for use in later school year, except that no more than a total of two (2) days may be accumulated from earlier school years for use as personal business leave, so that the maximum total personal business leave available in any one school year is three (3) days earned during the school year and up to two (2) days accumulated from earlier school years or a total of five (5) days.
  • D. Conversion to Sick Leave – Any unused personal business leave not accumulated for use in later years as personal business leave shall be added to the employee’s accumulated sick leave.
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WELLNESS UPDATE: Kinesthetic Classroom Course - IN THE SPOTLIGHT

Feel free to join this course ANYTIME! The link is below and just like a commuter bus - you can jump on/off depending on how relevant it is to you - personally or professionally!

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JUMP ROPE FOR HEART has started! Please read this important message from Deb:

Teachers, Thank you for doing your part to help our students not only be heart smart but working together to save hearts! The American Heart Association has a plethora of lesson plans that can be incorporated into various curricular areas. Please see attached link.

Students are learning ways to take care of their hearts and helping those with a sick heart during their Wellness Class. Students will be earning little monsters along the way and are helping scare away heart disease! You can learn more about the friends we’re helping through the American Heart Association like Finn here:

New this year, is the GREEN glow in the dark wristband students can earn just for registering on our school’s JRFH website (no donation needed). As a family, they will take a challenge online to be more heart healthy—either drink more water, eat more fruits/veggies or be more active. We have posters to promote this too—we want as many families as possible to become more heart healthy together. For the class with the most students signed up online, that teacher will earn either a $25 Starbucks or Amazon gift card (your choice!)

I would encourage you to sign up as well and take a heart-healthy pledge here: Thank you for your help and support!

Personal Fitness

Many have reached out to share frustrations about knowing they need to exercise, wanting to exercise but don't know what to do, and/or looking for resources they can use at home. I highly recommend you check out the following link, called DAREBEE. It's a free online global fitness resource. There are workouts/challenges for EVERYONE and EVERY GOAL. Please reach out and I would love to help you get started, work with you, and/or complete a challenge with you!

May, June, July Birthdays! Happy Birthday to You!


24 - Kim DuBois


9 - Terri Brown


5 - Suzanne Mastin

20 - Deb Torrance

25 - Katie Delp

A Collection of Connections . . . from Beth Brent (EE Literacy Coach)

All around our school and our district, educators are choosing their own professional learning and growth. Beth Brent (EE's Literacy Coach) has chosen to share out what she's been learning and would love to connect with YOU!

Feel free to read her Smore called: A Collection of Connections . . . a connection of ideas, thinking, questions, & resources. She's always looking to professionally connect with others by learning from you and vice versa. Click here to view.