Faculty Development Training

A look into our Gifted and Talented Students

Identify, Assess, Accomodate

Step 1- What characteristics are you looking for? What makes these students stand out from the rest therefore making them Gifted and Talented?

Step 2- Evaluating potential Gifted and Talented students in a variety of ways within a realm of diverse areas and subjects!

Step 3- Analyze the assessments at hand and make adjustments to better accommodate our Gifted and Talented learners!

Recognize, Nurture, Support

1- Teachers need the required training and workshops such as this one to truly recognize those with excelled talent in a variety of areas when compared to other students in the same grade level.

2- Teachers need to nurture these talented individuals by taking the time to evaluate their progress and then altering their lesson plans to involve more challenging activities and projects.

3- When a gifted and talented student isn't challenged he also loses interest in working with his peers. As teachers you need to be supportive of these students and find ways to have them interact and work with others at their level.

Gaurenteed to be a workshop that you don't want to miss!

Why is it important to understand the needs of Gifted and Talented individuals?

1. Gifted students are a lot like professional performers or athletes. They need practice on a regular basis to truly develop their advanced skills. This guidance, support and challenge comes from you, the educators!

2. When gifted and talented students are not identified they are not challenged. The lack of being mentally stimulated causes these individuals to be bored and uninterested in classroom subjects. At times this can even result in lower grades!

March 10, 2014

All attendees are requested to be on time. The workshop will begin promptly at 8 am and will be over at 3pm. Breakfast and Lunch will be served.

Bring your thoughts, ideas and an open mind! Together let's find a way to challenge out Gifted and Talented students!!!