Weapons of the Revolutionary War

By: Aiden Hobbs

Research Question 1. What is the relationship between weapons used by the British and Continental Army?

Research question 2. What would have happened if muskets weren't available to the Continental army?

Both armies used muskets as the primary weapon in calvary and close combat. Allies to the colonies supplying weapons played a major role in the positive outcome of the war.

The Brown Bess

Weapon of the British infantry. British infantry muskets were marked on the locks to indicate their provenance. These markings included the letters "GR" (for Georgius Rex) to indicate the reign during which it was manufactured, and a broad arrow to show that the weapon was crown property.

Imported Muskets

Foreign arms dealers were an important source for firearms in the American Revolution. Prussian, Dutch and even British dealers supplied some guns, but the major source of imported arms was France. Still smarting from their defeat at the hands of the British in the French and Indian Wars and the loss of Canada and their other possessions, the French government was not unwilling to help the colonies with arms.

French Muskets

By the year 1778, private shippers became unnecessary since France had entered the war openly. From this time on, French muskets were shipped directly to America from French arsenals.