Commemoration of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

In terms of commemorations I believe that Leonardo Da Vinci should be commemorated due his amazing inventions, his creations and ideologies were way ahead of his time leading to many great things we have to date such as the Anemometer which was an instrument for measuring the speed of wind & the well known Tank (at that time is wasn't named a tank it was named the "Armoured Car") Leonardo da Vinci’s armored car invention was capable of moving in any direction and was armed with a large number of weapons. The most famous of da Vinci’s war machines, the armored car was designed to appall and scatter an opposing army.

His inventions

The Armored car was ahead of its time leading to the modern invention of notorious tank which was a weapon that changed they way wars occur.Instead of men rushing to wards the targets, the tank can pinpoint locations and fire on command without rushing on the battlefield and leading to my deaths of soldiers, But with a tank you can be stealthy leading to a surprise attack without men try to run on the battlefield at midnight.The Anemometer is an instrument for measuring the speed of wind.Leonardo da Vinci’s interest with flight that inspired him to create the anemometer.His hope was that, eventually, the device could be used to give people insight into the direction of the wind before attempting flight.The Aerial screw was a device that was designed to compress air to obtain flight such as the helicopters we have today. Leonardo Da Vinci was a big proponent of the many possibilities offered by the screw shape leading to many modern inventions with this aerial screw leading to modern day flight.

Impact on the modern world

Most people only know Leonardo Da Vinci as a painter, but he was much more. Leonardo Da Vinci studied more fields than any other man in the world. Leonardo was a writer, botanist, cartographer, geologist, anatomist, inventor, engineer, mathematician, scientist, musician, architect, sculptor, and a painter. Leonardo Da Vinci created scissors, many people use scissors every day. Leonardo Da Vinci was an innovator who had enormous impact on today’s society because many of his studies, inventions, and notes were inspiration to new inventors who made all of the things we use today.

Leonardo Da Vinci was Born in April 15, 1452 he Died May 2, 1519. Leonardo first lived in the little village of Anchiano, right next to Vinci. Then he moved to Vinci with his father, his stepmother, and his grandparents. After living there he was an apprentice of Verrocchio who he lived with for six years. For the rest of his life Leonardo switched between Milan and Florence, but he lived in Rome somewhere in between moving from Milan to Florence. Leonardo was home schooled, his father taught him only simple things.

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