Welcome To Ethiopia

The Great African East Country

The Basics

Come to sunny side Ethiopia, this wonderful country in East Africa is fantastic place for a wonderful vacation to see what the culture of Africa has to offer. This Tropical monsoon is located to the south of the equator which means its always summer all the time! But sometimes its gets a little rainy here but that's what adds a sense of adventure. While your here check out the high plateau to see the world around, or if you don't like the world go down to our deep valley to see less of the world if you choose.

How To Fit In

Afraid that you'll look stupid wondering around this wonderful place, no worry's! these people are very tolerable about tourists, but don't insult there religion its very important to them, also if you are homosexual they wont do anything bad to you they well just treat you as a outclass. Want to talk to the local natives well some of them don't no English but all you have to do is learn the language of Amharic which is the national for this country( if you want to know the other languages for this country its Oromo, Somali, Tigriagea, Sideamo, Burage, and Gumo. Some of the folkways of this country is that the religion is Christianity,

there music is other worldly able to tell fantasying stories or just to do mundane tasks. There family roles is very basic, if you are a man you provide for the family, if you are a women you work in the house. Finally in conclusion some subcultures are the Muslims and the homosexuals. We can assume that with the introduction to technology the Ethiopian culture has changed over the years and with more advancements in technology this wonderful culture will change as well.