Hannah Whitmire Portfolio

The Life of Me

A Little About Me

My name is Hannah Whitmire. I live in a family of eight people. There is my dad, Mitch, my mom, Kristy, my four sisters, Shelby, Sarah, Rachel, Katie, and my brother, Cody. We live in a big house and own a bunch of animals such as horses, cows, dog, chickens, and many more. I have many friends who are my age or a little older. A few of my hobbies include playing sports, being outside, watching tv, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends.

When I get older, I plan to be a successful adult. I want to have money, live in a big house, have a nice car, be married, and have two kids. I plan to go to college at Arkansas State University to get my basics, then move on to University of Arkansas Medical Sciences and become a surgeon. There are many types of surgeons, although I’m not sure which I’d like to be yet. If I’m not able to be a surgeon, I plan on becoming a pharmacist or a physical therapist.

Just A Little More About Me

Am I A Happy Person?

According to an Authentic Happiness Inventory I am considered really happy person. On a score of 5, I am a 3.92. Happiness is a very important thing in life. People say money can buy happiness, but I'd have to disagree. Happiness comes from being around people you love and who love you.

Left Brain Dominant

I am more left-brained than right-brained. The left brain controls the right side of your body. Left-brained people tend to be critical thinkers. They use logic and senses to collect information. People who left-brained learn better with numbers, words, and symbols. They also only see the whole picture of things instead of rather small details. Also, left-brained people learn better with step-by-step instructions to do things. Big words, technological systems, and written and numerical formulas are what left-brained people use to express themselves. Jobs left-brained people usually do include jobs that deal with numbers and talking. Left-brained people also tend to be more focused and concentrated than right-brained people. I am a very left- brained person!

What's My Personality?

According to the Humanmetrics Jung Typology test, my personality type was ISFJ. It stands for Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. A ISFJ person is someone who wants to be needed. They want to help out in any way that they can. ISFJ types of people are unappreciated often because of their obligation to serving others. People tend to take advantage or take ISFJ's for granted. ISFJ's are seen to have very good memories. They are patient and caring and work well with people in small groups and in one-on-one conversations. Also, ISFJ's are extremely loyal. They are always there for people and make the most of everything.

My Learning Styles

My top three learning styles are Naturalistic with a score of 83%, then I got Intrapersonal and Interpersonal with a scale of 75% each. Naturalistic is learning with patterns and sciences. Intrapersonal is learning by yourself and setting goals for yourself. Interpersonal is learning with a group of people. Collaboration is big on that style of learning.

My Kuder Results

According to my Kuder Results, my top 5 Pathway Results are Correction Services, Public Management and Administration, Banking Services, Administrative Support, Early Childhood Development and Services. My top Pathway Result was Correction Services. Correction Services works with people who have broken the law. Some people solve crimes, some guard criminals, and others help people find jobs who have just gotten out of prison.

My Kuder Results Continued

According to my second page of results from the Kuder Skills Confidence Assessment, my top 5 Career Pathway Results are Health Informatics, Correction Services, Information Support and Services, Emergency and Fire Management Services, and Agribusiness Systems. My top pathway was Health Services. In Health Informatics, people who work in this pathway tend to manage hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, and other medical care facilities. Also, people in this pathway collect information about clients, record it, and make it available to those who need to know it.

My Interest Assessments

My Interest Assessments results tell about my career options in which I should do good in. In Realistic, I scored a 48. Realistic jobs include having to work outdoors or with machines, tools, and animals. In Investigative, I scored a 28. People who are in the Investigative options like to work independently and on a cognitive level. In Artistic, I scored a 43. Artistic people are creative, unstructured, and imaginative. In Social, I scored a 50. Social people like to work with other people. In Enterprising, I scored a 47. Enterprising options have people who like to show leadership and persuasion. Lastly, in Conventional, I scored a 42. Conventional types like to be well organized and structured. They like follow procedures instead of free lancing. My top score was in Social. I do like to work for other people and help them.

Arkansas State University: College Choice #1

College Name: Arkansas State University

Mascot: Red Wolves

Tuition Cost: $7,180

City, ST: Jonesboro, Arkansas

Phone Number: 870-972-3924

Website Address: www.astate.edu

My Color Personality

My Color Personality is white. Whites are motivated by peace. They seek independence and require kindness. They resent confrontation at all costs. To them, feeling good is more important than being good. They are also typically quiet. Whites need their alone time. They ask little of others and resent others demanding much of them.

Who Am I In A Team?

In a team, I am the Recon. Recon's are observant and always prepared. They aren't much of a fighter, but a great look out. They are always there when things get tough and stick to their word.

My Short Term Goals

People have many goals. I have a few short term goals. My short term goals include: Packing my bags for my cruise, going shopping for new clothes this weekend, and making a good grade on my vocabulary test in Global Studies on Wednesday. I am going to get new clothes this weekend and use them to pack my bags. I am also going to study for my vocabulary test to make a good grade.

My Long Term Goals

My long term goals include: graduating high school, going to college and getting a degree in either the Business or Medical field, and last I want to get a good paying job to support myself in the future. I am working hard in school to get good grades to graduate at the top of my class. Then, I am planning on getting scholarships to help me get in to college.

My Top 5 Strengths

I have many strengths which include: being Visionary, Organized, Warm, Patient, and Empathetic. Using these strengths help not only myself, but everyone around me. Whether it be being there for someone, staying organized and being able to find things, or even being patient and waiting for things.

My Top 5 Weaknesses

My weaknesses are being shy, hesitant, lazy, moody, and cynical. Being shy is my number one thing. I am shy until I get to know you. I am hesitant about a lot of things and lazy to fix them, but if I work on pushing myself I can get better at it. I can also be moody and cynical to people sometimes, which means if I work on being more social with more people outside of my friend circle, I can fix the problem of being cynical.
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