Holiday Edition....


Tis the be thankful!! all of YOU and for all you do! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing I think you are! I'm SO thankful for each and every Glam Squad member, as you all add such a special sparkle and light to my life!

Thank-you for such a wonderful year! We've accomplished so much together as a team - we've literally tripled in size since this time last year!! And this is just the beginning!! We've reached out and spread the Stella & Dot sparkle to so many wonderful women!! Whether your mission was to pay for ski lessons for the kids, get the roof fixed, or get to whatever level you were hoping to in Wrap Up the Season, I hope that you accomplished whatever it was that you set out to do! It's been amazing watching you set goals and making them happen!!

We have so much to look forward to in 2014! An amazing new Spring/Summer collection is on the way in just a couple of weeks (a few sneak peeks below!) and STELLAPALOOOZA on January 18th (I have room if anyone wants to come from across the country and crash with me - Danielle is coming - it's gonna be amaaazing!!)

My goal for 2014 is to have all of you be a part of a Director level team - and this year I know it's going to happen! We have some stars on the rise and it's an amazing goal that ANY of you can make happen!! And whether it's me, or your upline, we're here to help you realize those wishes and turn them reality!! (and in the case of Star - it's a matter of tripling your paycheck - Let's do it!! Lol!!)

But for now - enjoy this amazing season, and have the most wonderful holiday with your families! May the peace, joy, and love that is Christmas be yours in abundance!!

Love and hugs, and my deepest deepest gratitude,





So many of you have worked so hard to earn some fabulous stuff!! Mega congrats going out to all our earners:

Level 6 - MairiAnna Bachynsky

I promise I'll be representing in Glam Squad Style at Jessica's house at champagne celebration in January!

Level 5 - Senior Stylist, Amy Bishop

This hot momma in Newfoundland (expecting another any time, am I right??) sold more than $15-thousand since October 1st and sponsored two stylists who earned their book and sell award! Amy wraps up her season with a new iPad, $1350 in product credit, and the Spring hostess exclusives - way to go girl!!

Level 3 -

These rockstars nabbed themselves $850 in product credits for the Spring Line AND earned the gorgeous Hostess exclusive bag - Ya-hoo!!!

  • Jennifer Pearce
  • Robin Harris
  • Rosanne Pagliaro
  • Kim Verge
  • Heather Warren
Level 2 -

Way to go to these beauties who earned $600 in product credit - that's the Essential Spring Display!!

  • Melissa Armstrong
  • Marcia MacMillan
  • Tina Watson
  • Gillian Sweeney
  • Leslie Healey
Level 1 -

Mega props to these amazing ladies who have $350 to spend on the new Spring collection! Yahooo!! Especially amazing too, considering some of you were in your jumpstart!! Way to kick-start your business!!

  • Jennifer Obeid
  • Jennifer Bachynsky
  • Jamie Paiah
  • Lorna DePetrillo
  • Dolce Marini
  • Natasha Field
  • Kati Lightfoot
  • Robin McDonald
  • Vicky Donaldson
  • Marnie Ells
  • Grace Naraine
  • Michelle Higgins
  • Nicole Robins
  • Sarah Nolan
  • Joanne Fraraccio
  • Andrea Nolan
  • Sarah Baker

Holy Moly! You guys rock!! Can't wait to see what everybody picks with their credit! Yay!!! Well done - and way to WRAP UP the SEASON!!!

How 'bout a little Spring sneak peek?!?

Okay - so I don't have any extra access to Spring stuff so far - but I rounded up whatever pics I've seen, and I'm SO in love with it all so far!! What do you think?? Our lovely CEO is looking fab in these new statements!! I want them ALL!!

Okay - so this part is REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!!

Save the Date - for STELLAPALOOZA!!!

Get ready for the BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE Tour 2013!!! Saturday, January 18th will see the biggest gathering of Stella & Dot Stylists to date at this awesome Spring Rally designed to get your business off to a great start in 2014! It's at the Mississauga Convention Centre from 12-4 PM, with an opportunity event for prospective stylists from 11-11:30 am - invite a friend and start your year by building your own team with sponsoring!!

Honestly - speaking from experience - this one afternoon (it's almost 99% confirmed that Danielle Redner will be here from home office!!) will be a game-changer for you!! It will seriously be the best thing you can do - and of course you'll get to see and play with the whole new collection too!! Here's the link!

Get childcare in place, and figure out your transportation now - because you save with an earlybird ticket purchase!! And if you're not in/near Mississauga, and would like to make the trip, I have mattresses for my floors and we can have a sparkly Stella sleepover!! Whoohooo!!!

So that's a wrap....

...from me for now. You'll be hearing more from me in the new year, because it's my resolution to arrange regular coaching calls with those who would like and be more connected with my Glam Girls through FaceBook and and email/newsletters. We're gonna make big things happen in 2014, and I couldn't be on the journey with better people than YOU!!

From my family to yours...wishing you everything wonderful for Christmas and always!! XOXO

Merry Christmas and a Sparkly Happy New Year!!! XOXOX