III.Warrior RenWeb and Lesson Plans

A "starter" lesson for new teachers.

1. Go to RenWeb website:

  • Enter www.renweb.com in the URL address bar.
  • Click on Logins tab.
  • Click on FacultyWeb Login.
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2. Create a shortcut to the RenWeb Faculty Web Login page:

  • First: click on the star (⭐︎) to the left of the Google Search field.
  • Second: click on Bookmarks Menu in the Folder drop-down menu.
  • Last: click on Done.
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3. Enter required information:

  • District Code: TWCA-TX
  • User Name: <your school email address>
  • Password: twca123
  • Click Login
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Progress check: Does anyone need help?

4. Lesson Plan Entry:

  • Click on Lesson Plan tab in left margin.
  • Open a previously created lesson plan from your files.
  • Copy and paste the plans into the appropriate text boxes.
  • Click Save Lesson Plan.
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5. Let's see how that looks for parents and students:

6. How does the Homework Assignments page look?

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Progress Check: Share your Homework Assignments with a colleague.

  • Take a few minutes to trade laptops with a neighbor.
  • Read over the postings with the 'eye' of a student or parent.
  • Give feedback:
  1. Does the information posted make sense? (I like how you...)
  2. Could you possibly suggest any improvements? (I wonder if you could...)

7. Check for understanding!

Answer a quick question. Click on the link: RenWeb Check

Progress Check:

Brainstorm: how you could use RenWeb to increase communication with your students? with parents?

Any questions or concerns?

Contact me at jcoe@twca.net!

8. Test your knowledge!

Go to testmoz.com/407088 to complete a quick "quiz" about Parts I, II, and III. Don't worry; no stress!