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School Newsletter - Jan. 9th, 2022

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EICS COVID19 Protocols and Key Changes Moving Forward

We hope that this newsletter finds you all rested and having enjoyed some much-needed downtime over the holiday break. In preparation for our students returning to in-person learning on Monday, January 10, 2022 we wanted to pass along to you a quick reminder of the protocols we have already established here at St. Mary's.

We continue to prioritize student and staff health, using the direction, recommendations, and requirements of Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education. Thank you for your patience and compliance with these protocols. We will continue to focus on these four areas to manage student and staff safety: enhanced cleaning, maintaining student cohorts, PPE, and screening measures. These procedures were created based on the recommendation and direction of our Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Enhanced Cleaning:

Students will continue to be expected to use the hand sanitizer available at all entrances and exits to the school, as well as at each classroom. Materials to clean and sanitize student desks during the day are available as directed. In addition, our custodial staff continues to work tirelessly to maintain enhanced cleanliness.


Students will continue to maintain their class grade cohorts so as to limit interaction and minimize contact. This includes things like entrances to the school, social distancing when possible and reintroducing lunchtime cohorting.

Daily Screening:

We are all partners in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The first, and most important, step we must take is to adopt the daily screening checklist available below. Continue to refer to this updated document so you can help screen your child before they come to school each day. Please keep your child(ren) home if they are exhibiting any of the symptoms listed.

There are 2 Key Changes to these protocols that students, staff, and parents need to be aware of:

Change #1:

Lunchtime Cohorting:

One area that we will be reinforcing cohorting is during lunchtime. We want to highlight that eating lunch in the common area will be restricted for at least the month of January.

  • Grade 7-8 Students will be asked to eat lunch in their respective homeroom classrooms
  • Grade 9-12 students will be asked to eat in the classroom they had for Block 2.
  • students will rotate who will be allowed use of the Commons Area, Gym and Flex Area each lunch hour: Gr. 7's - Mondays, Gr. 8's - Tuesdays, Gr. 9's - Wednesdays, Grade 10's - Thursdays, and Grades 11/12's - Fridays.
  • Students who stay for lunch will be required to stay in their designated lunch area for the duration of the lunch period.
  • A second lunchtime bell will be set up for 12:00 to give students time to move to their Block 3/Period 5 Classes.

Change #2:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

All EICS students and staff in grades K - 12 are required to wear a mask in all areas of the school at all times, including while sitting during classes, with the exception of eating lunch and active activity in Phys Ed Classes. If students are not eating during lunch or participating in activities in Phys Ed they are required to wear a mask. Students who refuse to wear a mask appropriately during this time will be asked to comply by STMY Staff and if refusal continues parents/guardians will be contacted by the administration to pick up their child from school.

More masks will be made available by Alberta Health Services and handed out to students in the coming days.

Rapid test kits are going to be made available to each student. The first shipment of rapid tests and masks are targeted for delivery from Alberta Health Services to schools the week of January 10 and further shipments will be staggered throughout January as additional supplies are received. If students have symptoms found on the Daily Screening Tool below it is encouraged that they use a Rapid Test Kit. It is advised to contact your health provider of 811 to receive guidance regarding next steps.

Thank you so very much for your continued support and patience in following these protocols. We all have a role in keeping our schools safe.

Please contact the school should you have any questions.


St. Mary's Administrative Team

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Just a Reminder...

With the rising cases of COVID and the encouragement for students who display symptoms to stay home from school, there will inevitably be school absences by many in the upcoming weeks. Therefore it is imperative that students be checking their student emails, and google classroom regularly to stay informed on their course responsibilities. Teachers will be focussing on the in-class instruction and will do their best to touch base with absent students to clarify assignments and expectations but will not be available for one-to-one instruction for those who have missed multiple days. Thank you for your understanding with this.
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January Exam Schedule has been REVISED

As many of you know Grade 12 Diploma Examinations have been canceled for this January writing period. We wanted to give you some information regarding what this means for our students at STMY. EICS Administrators have met to discuss Final Exam best practice policy in order to make sure consistency was taking place across the school division.

Important Exam Information:

  • There are still examinations happening for ALL GRADES INCLUDING Grade 12. While Provincial Diplomas have been canceled it is still important for students and parents to understand that teachers are responsible to report on student achievement. Examinations are one assessment tool used for assessment practice and will continue. Grade 12 examinations will be created by their instructor to indicate learning in the course materials that were taught and have been made similar to other grade final exams to take no longer than 1.5 hours on average with 3 hours total provided.

  • The Grade 9 Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT) have NOT been canceled. The government of Alberta has made it clear that only Grade 12 Diplomas for January have been canceled and not PAT's in Grade 6 and 9, so these will continue as previously planned with the exception that the written Part A in English will be moved to the final week of January instead of earlier in January as previously announced.

  • Exam Weighting: Grade 12 Exams along with Grade 9 PAT's will be weighted at 10% of the overall mark as previously indicated. Grade 10 and 11 examinations will follow the assessment practices outlined in the EICS Administrative Procedure which leaves assessment weighting up to the professional judgment of each teacher providing that no one assessment will exceed 20% of the overall final mark. This decision was made to be consistent across grade levels as well as the overall impact on assessment throughout the year.

Below is the NEW REVISED SCHEDULE for our Final Exams taking place in January 2022! You will notice that the final instruction day for all Grades 9-12 is now January 21st. The exam week has been shortened to one week in order to allow for two extra days of instruction for high school students. This allows the school to make up 2 of the 3 days that were missed this past week. If you have any questions regarding the newly revised schedule please don't hesitate to contact Mr. Salsbury or Mr. Murphy at the office. Good luck to all our students who are writing exams!
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Study Skills and Test Taking - Wednesdays at Lunch

We have noticed many students with high anxiety surrounding test taking, especially around PAT's and Diplomas. Starting this week STMY is offering extra coping and studying skills seminars at lunchtime in the Library. Please speak to Ms. Sonora Bohaychuk for further details.

Winter Fun and Joy

Before the Christmas break, we had many activities full of fun and joy. Here are a couple of pictures of the champions of our winter activities:

Santa Game Winners:

1st place - Keely Cannan

2nd place - Tayvn Gladue

3rd place - Graycen Daskaluk

Water Pong Champions:

1st - Issac Potts and Sidney Abbott

2nd - Riley Warawa and Ethan Potts

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Community Announcements:

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Parish Plans:

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Please register to attend Saturday or Sunday Mass:

They are using the webpage: SignUpGenius.

On the page that comes up click on the box or boxes of the Masses you wish to attend. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Submit and Sign-Up”. On the page that then comes up, enter your name, email, phone number and in “Quantity” put in the number of people attending with you. Then click on “Sign-Up Now”

Please contact Barb at the office if you are unable to register online and she will do it for you.

ph: 780-632-3272


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