the creator of the morse code and the telegraph


Samuel morse

Do you know a great inventor named Samuel Morse? If you don't then read all about him in these passages. Please read own about Samuel Morse one of Americas great inventor.

Childhood and early life

Samuel Morse was born in April 27,1791 Charlestown, Massachusetts. He was the first child of Jedidiah Mores his dad and his mom Elizabeth Breese. Samuel Mores had two little brothers their names were Sindey and Richard.


Samuel Mores was best known for the Mores Code. Mores Code is the mental of tranmitting textual information. This is what they did in wars to talk to their army that is not near them it helps them save information too. Even scientist use the mores code to protect their information so other scientist won't steal it. Mores code was used a lot on war boats too so Mores code was even used in the American Civil war.
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His Important Events

The first important event that happened to Samuel Mores was when he was born which happened on April 27,1791 the event happened in Charlestown,Massachusetts.In 1791 Mores went to Phillips Academy,Andover,Massassachsetts. On 1805 Samuel Mores goes to Yae college at age 14. While at college he earns money by painting small portraits of people at school. On 1810 Mores graduated from 1810, he hoped he will be a artist but he becomes a clerk or Danil Mallory, his fathers Boston book publisher. Now we are going all the way to 1832 Mores invents the telegraph from 1832 through 1837 he was doing the Mores code at the same time. In 1872 the saddest thing happened Samuel Mores dies in New York, New York.
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Did you know that a teenage girl, 17 year old Annie selected the first telegraph message. On June 10th people really named it Samuel Mores day isin't that awsome. He drew portraits of former presidents John Adams and James Monroe. And last but not least did you know that when Mores's wife died it was a huge impact for all of his work on the telegraph.

The Conclusion

An amazing artist because people that want to be artist should look up to him because he has a lot of paintings that are awsome. A sad man because he had to survive the saddnes when his two wifes died. He is also very intersting because he had so much things in his life that were great and very sad that is what I find intersting because people have it diffrantly.
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Hope you like it -- Samuel Mores