What is Tutoring?

Week 2-Tutoring Training Workshop

Week 2-"What is Tutoring" Workshop Training

Welcome to the first official workshop of our Tutor Training program. We will explore the key principles of tutoring and the various ways in which to assist your tutees with their course content. Everyone in attendance will be participating in this discussion along with understanding the fundamental theories and practices of tutoring. Keep in mind that tutoring is an art so embrace your inner Picasso for this workshop!

Week 2-Session (1) What is Tutoring?

Day: Thursday, September 24th

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

Location: W101 (Near the Aquatic Center)

Note: Every Thursday Workshop will be in W101 at Noon

Week 2-Session (2) What is Tutoring?

Day: Friday, September 25th

Time: 9:00-10:00am

Location: R122


12:00-12:10 The Learning Process and the Tutor's Role & Responsibility (Discussion)

12:11-12:38 What is Everyday Creativity (DVD)

12:40-12:50 Inquiry & Wrap-Up

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Tamyia Cousins

LAC- Tutoring Coordinator

Email: tdcousins@pasadena.edu

Susanna Faljyan

LAC- Learning Specialist

Email: sxfaljyan@pasadena.edu

Candy Avila

CTE-Tutoring Coordinator

Email: ccavila@pasadena.edu

Andre Lawrence

CLC-Center Technician

Email: aclawrence@pasadena.edu

Arkova M. Scott

Interim Associate Dean

Email: amscott@pasadena.edu