Points of Pride

February 4, 2018

Instructional Focus:

What is student engagement and when does it begin? Take some time to really reflect on that.

Does taking notes count as student engagement? What about when a student reads? I would argue that both of the aforementioned examples could be defined as dissemination of information, rather than student engagement. The definition I have used in recent years for student engagement is: when we transfer to having students do the thinking.

Cooperative learning strategies are critical to increasing student engagement. Check out the "Big List of Classroom Discussion Strategies." Which one are you willing to try this week in an effort to increase student engagement?


Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, February 5: 6th Grade Orchestra Festival @ CVHS @ 4:30
  • Tuesday, February 6: Dad's Club Meeting @ 7:00 in the library
  • Wednesday, February 7: 2:15 Release-PLC
  • Thursday, February 8: Faculty Meeting @ 7:30; PTSO Meeting @ 3:30
  • Friday, February 9: Kinder/2nd/3rd-Child's Play 8:50-10:50; Talent Show @ 1:45 and 6:00
  • Saturday, February 10-Sun Valley Community Church volunteers; Time TBD
  • Tuesday, February 13: 6th grade ALP students to Shakespeare @ 9:00
  • Wednesday, February 14: Intervention Team Meeting @ 7:30; PLC for Early Release @ 2:15; Parties should be reserved for the last hour of the day
  • Thursday, February 15: 3-6 @ Wendy Peterson Trainings; MOD Pizza Fundraiser for Dad's Club
  • Friday, February 16: STEM Field Trip leaves; Safety Town visits SPE (outside lunch for all grade levels-more information in next week's newsletter)

Celebrations and Shout Outs.....

  • I owe a HUGE thank you to Maria, Sonja, Sylvia, Lindsay W, Tina, and Ricardo for their help in setting up our staff luncheon. I got a lot of the "thank you's," but it was their effort that made it possible!
  • Thank you to Stephanie U, for taking time out of her schedule to go get quotes for our garden "remodel."
  • Thank you to Chris and Jarred for being patient with their request to install a fence at our parent pick up area to make it safer. It was recently approved, and we can't wait to make SPE a safer campus.
  • Thank you to Danielle Wilde for putting together our STEM Trip, as it gets closer I am realizing all that it takes to plan this trip!
  • Thank you to our amazing preschool team for being patient with transportation as some days we have no idea where/when their students are going to be dropped off.
  • Thank you to Eryn, Rachel, and Catherine for their hard work and dedication in ensuring that you all get trained on the new math standards.