Smore Flyer

By Haram Moon


The common defenition of expansion is the action of becoming larger or more extensive. It is true that the defention of expansion is becoming larger, but there is far more than that. For example, there are expansion of society, expanion of nation, and expansion of government. Through out this activity my goal is to prove you the OU by answering the EQs from what I have studied this unit.


Sociological, political and economic expansion is essential in current and past societies.

Essential Questions

How does expansion impact society?

As the nineteenth century ebbed, every aspect of society was reflected in the railroad in America. The steel highway improved the lives of millions of city dwellers. We can define this as expansion of transportation. By the 1890s, the United States was becoming an urban nation, and railroads supplied cities and towns with food, fuel, building materials, and access to markets. The simple presence of railroads could bring a society economic prosperity.

What do a nation’s policies reveal about their values?

If teacher made 10 rules to follow in her classroom, and if most of them was about 'caring the other', the teacher puts her value on 'caring the other'. Same as this, we can reveal about nation's value by looking at nation's policies, becasue they will mention things that is valuable to them.

How might leadership decisions be viewed from different perspectives?

The U.S Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Cherokee nation. But the president Andrew Jackson refused to enforce the ruling. The result was the Trail of Tears. About 4,000 Cherokees died along the trail. For them, Andrew Jackson's decision was a sentence of death. They lost their land and had to remove to another place without their properties. But many Americans supported the Indian Removal Act because it opened up lands to white settlers. Leadership decision was viewed good when the person gain something, but bad when lose.

Supporting Details

Expansion of Society

This assaigment was about the expansion of the Society. In this activity, we drew factories to simulate how this village grew. The key point of this activity was to see how the factories and railroads affects the society.

As there are factories, there should be houses and apartments because, people needs to go to work at factory. As there are houses and apartments, there should be stores and churches because people needs to buy supplies and worship God.

But there was problem. They needed coals to run the factories. So they built coal mines and built railroads that connects all the coal mines and the factories. Because there were coal mines, many people died because of the disease and explotion. So, they built hospitals, and also built tombs for dead bodies. Because people were so tired of the work, they built theaters and bars to have fun and rest.

Now more and more people coming into this village to live.

We can call this the Expansion of the society.

Expansion of Territory

This activity was about the expansion of the territory. In this activity, we thought of becoming each three different sides. They are Mexico, Texas, and United States. Than, We listed down things that made them to go to war. The main reason that made them to go to war was because of the Territory. Texas wanted freedom from the Mexico and wanted to become part of the United States. But, Mexico didn't want to lose their territory but to United States, this was the chance to get new territory. In order to stop this, Mexico made laws that prevents Texas to rebell against them, which will prevent them to become part of the United States. But, unlike what they expected, it made Texans furious, and they did not obeyed the laws. Eventually, Texas rebelled against Mexico. United States than sent their armies to help Texas.

After the battles like "Battle of Alamo" Texans finally gained independence from the Mexico and became part of the United States.

We can call this the Expansion of Territory on side of United States.

Expansion of Power

This activity was about the expansion of the power. In the activity, we watched a video about Andrew Jackson and write about the good and bad things he had done. Basicly, we were looking at Andrew Jackson in two different perspective.

Most of the people didn't understand Andrew Jackson because he was the person that did good things on on day, but did things completly opposite from what he did, the day after.

Some people only focused on his "light-side", and some only focused on his "dark-side".

His light side was that he was one of the founding father, idole of Americans, and enlarged the possibilities of American democracy. Dark side was indian removal and slavery.

Andrew Jackson never tried to expand people's right. But he tried to expand presidential power. Since he expanded his power as president,

We can call this Expansion of Power.


Sociological, political and economic expansion is essential in current and past societies. Without the expansion, there won't be society because society forms when things are getting expanded. By the expansion the society is formed, which is essential in current and past societies.