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September 16, 2019

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Staff Photos on the Web Site

You may have noticed that the new staff photos are now on our school web site (here)

Please visit and check to be sure your name and email are spelled correctly. I have already discovered some mistakes that I have made.

I do not have the pictures done at retakes yet, but I will get those loaded as soon as I have them.

Per Mr. Duce, we will not be changing photos. If you don't like your photo or need one taken, put SEPTEMBER 24 on your calendar! That is when the photogs will be back on campus for one last chance! (And that is Forthcoming week, so take that into consideration if you dress up for Tropical Tuesday!)

Tech Help for Students

We have a new Canvas Troubleshooting Guide for students- keep a copy of this on hand for yourself as it may be useful in class! Find the new guide here.

There is a new web site coming for parents and students where they can find help on Canvas, HAC, Bulb, etc. It should be live next week and I will share the URL with you when it comes online. For now, resources like the troubleshooting guide can be found on the Resources page of our web site.

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The new trick kids have learned- and how to fix it

Kids have learned how to turn off the wireless on the PC laptops.

If you have kids who cannot log in because "No servers are available", then this is most likely the cause. To check, in the bottom right corner of the screen, if you see an airplane, the computer is in airplane mode.

Fix it by clicking the blue function button in the bottom left corner at the same time as the print screen key (it has a blue wireless icon printed on it)

State of the Chromebooks


  • NEW! Texas Tech- #5 is missing a key and is out for repair
  • NEW! Trinity #8 is out for repair because it will not charge.


  • Navy PC Cart - #1 is BACK! The Navy Cart is back to 15 devices
  • Baylor- #3 and #4 are fixed and the Baylor cart is back to 15 devices
  • Trinity #10 has been repaired and the Trinity Cart is back. A new one broke though- still 14.
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Thinking of having kids create videos in class? Let me know in advance and I can get them pro WeVideo accounts. In a pro account, students can work collaboratively together on a video, and they have more options than with a free account. They can also make longer videos and use green screen features, and they can even do screen capture right inside. Another cool feature is that you can link to documents in your Google account, so students could add a script they are working on and collaborate to edit it together. So if you have a project coming up where this might be helpful, let me know!

Here are some great resources - https://www.wevideo.com/education-resources

WeVideo also has a podcast series by Dr. Nathan Lang - http://leaderoflearning.com/category/podcast-episodes/