The Film Club

a memoir by David Gilmour

A Parents Worst Nightmare

When David Gilmour's son, Jesse, struggles in school, David gives him the opportunity to drop out. Here's the catch: Jesse has to promise to watch three movies a week with his dad, to get some sort of education. This unconventional idea ends up saving Jesse's life, and the relationship between father and son.
The Gilmour Boys

What is Jesse doing now?

After Jesse drops out he floats between jobs, and struggles with drug abuse, but the film club with his dad helps him to turn his life around. That is how the story ends without too many spoilers, but what is going on with Jesse now? He is the author of his own book called The Green Hotel, and also works as an editor.
The Film Club Review!

Here is a review of the Film Club in the New York Times Sunday Book Review.

The Movies Jesse and David watched!

David Gilmour kept a running list of the movies he and his son watched on their refrigerator. Now you can be a part of the Film Club too.