Plainedge Summer Enrichment

Volume 4, Issue 2

Week 2: Spirit Week

Week 2 was filled with fun and learning. During our Spirit Week, we dressed down in our pajamas, but our day was far from lazy. We wore our best Disney gear and showed off what we wanted to be when we grow up for our Career Day. Today was Movie Madness and we all enjoyed a great film in our Summer Enrichment Theater. Students also admired the crazy hair and hats that were worn.

Our STEAM classes were very busy this week with experiments galore! Science Explosion scientists put on their goggles and watched as they made sandwich bags explode, formed rain clouds in a cup and created walking water. Full STEAM Ahead students created marble mazes using popsicle sticks, straws, tape, and glue. They were so creative! Students tested out their designs and made adjustments to make sure their marble got to the finish line. In STEAM Zoo, our youngest learners discovered how amazing giraffes are and created their own fur patterns. Students also met Rafiki, their pet iguana, and learned all about iguanas' needs and habitat. In As Seen on TV, students practiced using different camera angles and techniques including rule of thirds, head room, and lead room. They are finishing up their first project in WeVideo next week!

Our Camp Invention students worked hard on their hands-on projects. In Solarbot, the students learned how solar cells turn light energy from the sun into electrical energy. The class then hooked up a small red light to a solar cell and played with varying amounts of light on the solar cell in order to see the effect it had on powering the small red light. The students also created a habitat for their solar bot crickets and got to see how they move when powered by a flashlight. In Road Rally, student began to build their vehicles while exploring various animal movements to use as inspiration. Finally, in Open Mic City, students have been learning all about the properties of sound, vibrations and sound waves. They explored their new microphones and created various types of sounds using real life objects!

This week, in Sports Center, students continued to participate in different ice breaker activities to get to know all our friends from other schools. Our activities have focused on team building and working together. Students played volleyball with a jumbo sized beach ball and learned how to work together in kickball and dodge ball. Next week Sports Center students will be learning some new relay race activities and sports stations to get us ready for the Sports Center Olympics!

Let's not forget about our amazing art classes! Rain, rain, go away! In Art-Mazing, students created rain sticks. We learned about where they originated as well as why they were used while discussing folklore. Our Paint N Create students explored Impressionism and learned about French artist Claude Monet. They used water color paint to create water garden landscapes in the Impressionistic style. They also learned about Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh and his Post Impressionistic style by painting acrylic replicas of "The Starry Night. Finally, in Say it With Clay, our youngest sculptors have been working on their nests for their birds using a pinch pull clay method. Sculptors in grades 2-4 are creating flower bowls that will be filled with beautiful flowers that have fun textures and coil shapes. Our oldest sculptors are working on constructing figures of themselves on the beach. We can't wait to see all of their amazing work!

This was only Week 2! We have so much more in store for Week 3! Check out our reminders below for next week.

Reminders for Week 3

Thursday is Superhero Field Day! Let's show some spirit and dress up as our favorite Superheroes! We'll also have some fun treats from the Ice Cream Truck. Please review the ingredients at