Final Review

American History 1


George Washington

  • 1789-1797-Federalist
  • First President of the United States
  • Shaped the Executive & Judicial System
  • Established expectations of two terms
  • Put down the Whiskey Rebellion = Tax
  • Excellent Delegator

John Locke

  • 1704
  • English Philosopher
  • Natural Rights - People born with rights of Life, Liberty, Property
  • Social Contract Theory - People give up rights for protection

Nathaniel Bacon

  • 1676
  • Farmer
  • Bacon's Rebellion - disgruntled citizens rebelled against the Governer

James Madison

  • 1809-1817 as a President
  • The War of 1812 - U.S. vs. Britain over territory/Native Americans
  • Treaty of Ghent - War of 1812 Peace Treaty, declared armistice
  • White House burned down by British

Thomas Jefferson

  • 1801-1809 as President
  • Responsible for Louisiana Purchase
  • Sent out Lewis & Clark Expedition
  • Marbury vs. Madison Case (1803) - Established Judicial Review


New York

  • Founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit
  • Religion = Diverse
  • Named after the Duke of York


  • Founded in 1607 by John Smith
  • Religion: Anglican
  • Named after Queen Elizabeth 1

North Carolina

  • Founded in 1653 by Virginia Colonists
  • Religion: Anglican
  • Named for Latin word for "Charles" after Charles 1 of England


  • Founded in 1682 by William Penn
  • Religion = Quakers
  • Name: Family Name
  • "sylvania" = forest


  • Founded in 1630 by John Winthrop
  • Religion: Puritan
  • Name means "at the hill"


Barbed Wire

  • Patented by Lucien B. Smith in 1867
  • Used as fencing
  • Great and effective for restricting livestock to a certain area
  • Fit well in the westward way of life.

Cotton Gin

  • Invented by Eli Whitney in 1793
  • Revolutionized the cotton industry, especially in the South
  • Created a need for more slaves and faster labor


  • Developed in the 1830's and 40's by Samuel Morse
  • Morse created the given "Morse code"
  • A series of wires with electronic signals and beeps used to communicate in distance

Transcontinental Railroad

  • It stretched across the United States
  • An easier way of transporting people and goods
  • Time-saving

Riding Plow

  • Invented in 1837 by John Deere
  • Allowed farmers to turn heavy sod easier and therefore made farming better.


Shay's Rebellion

  • An uprising led by a former militia officer, Daniel Shays
  • Broke out in western Massachusetts in 1786

The American Revolution

  • The colonies of America wanted independence from Great Britain
  • Long, bloody war
  • Great Britain lost and The United States was born

The Civil War

  • A series of conflicts and ongoing battles led to the Civil War
  • The North wanted to abolish and stop the spread of slavery
  • The South wanted to keep their slaves
  • Causes: States Rights, Slavery, Election of Lincoln
  • Outcome: North won, slavery abolished, equal rights still an issue

Whiskey Rebellion

  • A protest against the new tax on some goods including whiskey
  • George Washington was in office
  • Violence and major issues arose

The Black Hawk War

  • A brief conflict between the United States and Native Americans
  • Led by Black Hawk, a Sauk leader
  • Began in 1832