Top 11 Reasons

to Buy a Yearbook

1. Someone should buy a yearbook because it holds memories throughout someone’s school experience.
2. It is inexpensive when someone considers how long it can possibly last as a source of reflection.
3. It gives friends something to be jealous about and maybe will encourage them to make the investment.
4. When someone gets older, it will help them reference and to look someone up by name, if they have forgotten.
5. It can be a good phone book by the end of the year, if you put phone numbers with a person’s picture.
6. It makes a great gift around the holidays or any time of the year.
7. It gives someone something to smile about looking through all the pictures.
8. It will make future children laugh at how our generation looks compared to them.
9. A yearbook can possibly last for 100 years or longer.
10. A yearbook is considered a collectable since they only make a certain amount of them.

11. You're in it!!!!!!!!!!!