Health & Wealth Opportunity

At Hotel HQ presented by Patrice & Tegan

Health & Wealth Wednesday

Do you want to?

- Transform your health and your bank account

- Increase your energy

- Improve your sleep

- Learn simple ways to create passive income

Do you live your ideal day everyday? If not, we can show you how.

Join us for a free 1 hour information opportunity

Discover what you can do right now to naturally slow down the ageing process and stay young. Learn how correct supplements and cleansing can assist you with weight loss, promote lean muscle growth and improve your body's performance and recovery.

Meet with others that have taken the opportunity to improve their health and wealth.

Health & Wealth Wednesday

Wednesday, April 23rd, 7pm

21 Kingston Rd

Underwood, QLD

Hotel HQ - Function Room

Arrival 6.45pm

Mateusz M