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Be in the Know - March 2016


The Seattle Academy library is 90% digital at this point. If we printed all of our digital information on paper, it would fill the entire Vanderbilt Building. Here is the link to the majority of our digital resources. NOTE: This content is not available on the free Internet.

Decoding our Databases

The main Library Database page is here. Below is a diagram describing the icons which follow each listing. Also remember the single sign-on id/password for most databases is:
  • middle
  • timecat
Ebrary, our ebook collection of 83,000+ requires a personal log in:
  • the first part of your email (up to but not including the @)
  • password: timecat (same for everyone)
  • NOTE: A personal log in means you can have your own personal bookshelf for your personally selected books. Shelves can be divided into sections as well.
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"The thing about quotes from the internet is that it's hard to verify their authenticity" - Abraham Lincoln

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More Reasons to Understand the Exponential Function

Here's are a few solid examples of why its important to understand the exponential function. See your favorite math teacher for in-depth explanations of the exponential function.

1. If you were to invest $20,000 in the stock market in your early twenties, and assuming the markets perform as they have in the last 100 years, you could be a millionaire by age 60.

2. Unchecked exponential consumption in a finite world equals ultimate degradation if not complete destruction of the world which of course could really impact your lifestyle. Right?

3. Population growth of 1.3% unchecked would grow to 1 person per square meter of dry earth in 780 years.

You can follow Professor's 8-part video here:

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