Johnny Cash

By: Katelyn Osborne

Why I Selected This Individual:

I personally selected this individual because i grew up on his music. I wouldn't say i "idolize" him but he is someone that i definitely look up to.

What Cash Has Accomplished

Johnny Cash is a pretty well known country singer. In a matter of years cash has sold over 53 million copies of his records since 1959. Two of Cash's songs "Folsom Prison Blues," and "i Walk the Line," have become a part of the national inheritance. Cash has been the "Male Vocalist of the Year" and has received many other awards as well. Over all Cash had an amazing character that made him ought to be charismatic and a great musical.

Cash's Universal Values

Johnny Cash's values weren't listed that much. Although we do know that his valued his music and his fans. He also valued hard work and dedication because that's what it took to begin his career. He also valued his religion or God.

Reasons Why Cash is a Good Mentor for Young Adults

Johnny Cash would be a great mentor because of his past experiences. Cash grew up in the age of the Great Depression. The Cash family went through struggles just like the rest of America. Since Cash has had such a hard life in the past he has must learned a lot to help others. I feel like Cash would advise to not give into peer pressure because he (in my opinion) has always danced to the beat of his own drum. Although country music is all about ballads and sad songs. Cash made country almost spooky and suspenseful with his music.
Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire