The Vikings

Come Raid with Us!


Have you ever wanted to go to Ireland? Well now is you chance! If you come with us on our voyage to Ireland you will be able to experience something amazing. We will leave in the spring when the weather is nice.


Everything you need for this raid will be provided. You will be given the choice to either use long swords or axes to raid. Everyone will also receive a wooden shield for protection. All volunteers must be 18 years of age and will have to go through a half-day fighting class before the journey.

Viking Raid

Monday, April 20th 876 at 10am to Wednesday, June 3rd 876 at 12pm


This raid will only take 6 weeks and 2 days!


Joining us on this raid will also benefit you. Once we reach Ireland and claim land, everyone will be rewarded 5 silver coins. You will also get one weapon of your choice to keep for future use. Land taken over at the raid will also be accessible for you to use. There will also be slaves for you to use.

Abbie Flake and Will Schichtl