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Acton Weekly Update: 11/17/2017

This video is a MUST WATCH! As educators we are ALL called to make a difference. Are you being the difference for our students? Give the hugs. Give the smiles. Give the positive affirmation. Give the GENTLE reminders. Focus on what they are doing right!

MODEL courage and compassion.

HELP them become who they want to BE!


Brook Wessel-Burke

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Reaching All Learners

So we've learned that our students who've experienced trauma may have little brains that are developing differently. Now, what can we do to support them? Follow the link below for quick classroom exercises to combat stress for students.

Classroom Exercises to Combat Stress

From Lindsey:

This week we learned about the skill: Talking with others.

There are 4 steps in this skill.

  1. Look at the person. Looking at the person shows you are paying attention and shows the person you want to talk.
  2. Use a pleasant voice. People won't want to talk to someone who seems unpleasant, angry or threatening.
  3. Ask questions. Asking questions included the other person in the conversation.
  4. Don't interrupt. Interrupting shows you don't care what the others person is saying.


PD and PLC Agenda

Practicing Technology Best Practices- team exploration of apps and resources. Meet in the LGI for Katie R to go over Tech Team updates. Then teams can break off to work on grade specific resources.

Many of you have asked Matt about Independent work time. Being the amazing Instructional Coach that he is, he's provided a great little resource. Click the link below.

**NEW** Independent Work Time Information and Ideas!

Mini Lesson Planning Tips from Matt

Mini Lesson Planning Template

Q2 PD/PLC Calendar

Developing our Instructional Practices

Please follow the link below to an article on Learning Objectives. It was written for college instructors to use for course level objectives. With that said, it is filled with great research and focuses on how we learn and grow.

Learning Objectives

What's Coming Up


21 Dec fieldtrips due

22-24 Thanksgiving

27-12/15 Acuity Predictive B ELA/ Math/ Sci/SS

29 Fifth Grade PJ Day (Biz Town Fundraiser)


1 3-8 High Ability ELA

1 Choir Practice

1 4th grade downtown tour

4-8 Canned Food Drive

4 Evacuation drill

4 80’s dress up day-4th grade fundraiser


5 School Psych Meeting

7 KDG field trip to Conner Prairie

7 3rd grade winter program

11 2nd grade field trip Clowes Hall

15 All Pro Dads

18 90’s day-4th grade fundraiser

19 last student day

19 Winter parties

19 All School sing along

20 Teacher Work Day