Roald Dahl

By: Nicole Leung


Roald Dahl's Early Life:

Born on September 13, 1916 in Llandaff, Wales to Harald Dahl and Sofie Magdalene Hesselberg, Roald Dahl was the fifth child in a family of seven children. At the age of two, Roald Dahl meets his new baby sister Else, and the family then moves to Radyr, a village right outside of Cardiff, Wales. Two years after living in Radyr, one of Roald Dahl's older sisters dies of infection, and his father dies of pneumonia. The family now of six is heartbroken leaving Sofie Magdalene to raise five children while giving birth to Roald Dahl's fourth sister, Asta, in 1920. In the year of 1921 the Dahl family then moves back to Llandaff, Wales where they settle in a smaller home named Cumberland Lodge. Beginning his schooling at the local Cathedral School in Llandaff in 1923, Roald Dahl then attends his first boarding school at St. Peters, Weston Super Mare during the year of 1925 and later moves to Repton where he finishes the rest of his schooling.

Roald Dahl's Later Life:

During the year of 1934, Roald Dahl begins to work for Shell Oil as a clerk in one of the company's London offices. Later, moving to Dar-es-Salaam, Roald Dahl continues to work for the Shell Oil Company until 1939, when he decides to join the Royal Air Force or R.A.F..During the 1940s Dahl is posted to Libya where he is involved in a plane crash and later is posted to Washington where he completes his first piece of payed writing after getting encouragement from British Novelist, e.s. Forester. During 1942 to 1943 Dahl begins working on the Gremlins, and his writing career begins. As Dahl continues to write, and publishes his first novel, he soon meets his future wife, american actress, Patricia Neal, in the year of 1951. Marrying Patricia Neal in 1953, the couple then buys Little Whitefield Cottage, in Great Missenden the following year. During the next ten years the Dahl's have four children named, Olivia, Tessa, Theo, and Ophelia. Unfortunately in the year of 1962, their oldest child, Olivia Dahl, dies due to measles enceplalitis, a disease she caught during school. Dahl continues on his career of writing until his death, on November 23,1990. A little while after his death some his books were still being published, and to this day people everywhere remember him for his wonderful stories he shared with the world.

Rare Roald Dahl interview from 1990 - How he became a writer

Literature Focus: Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda is one of the many children stories Roald Dahl has written as an author. Matilda is an exciting tale about a young girl named Matilda who grows up in a family who doesn't care much about her. Being exceptionally smart and erudite doesn't serve her any attention or praise, instead it earns her disgust and hate. When Matilda is finally enrolled in school, she meets her kindergarten teacher, the wonderful Ms. Honey, and meets a new friend named Lavender. There is only one problem, the school principal, Ms. Trunchbull, who despises children and everything about them. This fantastic story is an entertaining adventure full of magic and humor. Read Matilda and join Matilda and her crew as they find a way to defeat the terrible Ms. Trunchbull while trying to survive the school year.