Packing List & Reminders

Central Texas Dance Contest

Info for Contest on February 13, 2016

Team Packing List

For Line Members:

When you arrive you should be wearing:
  • Black Ankle Length Leggings, Grey Majestics Tee
  • Majestics Black Bra (important!
  • Majestics Jacket

In a Hanging Garment Bag:

  • Kick Costume Body Suit
  • Kick Costume Gloves
  • Purple Halter (no bra straps showing)
  • Majestics Uniform Skirt
  • Majestics Uniform Bodysuit

In Your Purple Duffel Bag:

  • Black Hot Shorts
  • Poms
  • Silver Hair Bow
  • Tights
  • Jazz Shoes
  • Phone if you have one
  • Hair supplies, Extra bobby pins and safety pins
  • snack money
  • comfortable shoes (no house shoes or slippers... keep it classy)
  • Any medical supplies you may need: Asthma inhaler, Epi Pen, etc.
  • Signed Medical release Form