Future Life. Future Career.

By: Bris Potter

Registered Nurse:

Education: Associates Degree

Salary: $50,260 - $76,660

A registered nurse is


the career of Health Science. RN's maintain medical records, assess health problems, and have advanced practice nursing. They provide care to the ill, injured,


and disabled patients. They also must have licensing or registration to work.

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Criminal Investigator:

Education: Bachelors Degree

Salary: $44,460 - $92,590

Criminal Investigation is part of the Law, Public Safety,Corrections, and Security career. A criminal investigator conducts investigations related to suspected violations of Federal, Stare, or local laws to prevent crimes.

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Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist:

Education: Bachelor Degree

Salary: $42,240 - $74,150

Zoologist and Wildlife Biology is a solid career is you love animals and nature. It is part of the Agriculture Food and Natural Resources career and it is a very

hands on

career. They study origins, behavior, diseases, and the genetics of animals and wildlife. Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists also analyze the biological data to determine environmental effects.

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