Andrew Jackson; Angel or Monster

Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson agreed to force a civilization to leave the home their ancestors had for thousands of years. The Native Americans had their own language, alphabet, news paper, and cash crops. But Jackson refused to treat them with the respect they deserved. They are not savages.

The National Bank Removal

The National Bank has been shut down by Andrew Jackson. Jackson believed the bank is unconstitutional. The money was given to small towns. These towns have wasted all the money.

The Nullification Crisis

South Carolina refused to pay the tariff. Congress decided to pass an option for South Carolina to pay a lower tax. However South Carolina refused. Andrew Jackson signed a bill threatening to use militaryforce on South Carolina. This made the state pay a lower tax.
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Americans have been accusing Andrew Jackson of abusing his executive power. For example he has ignored the Supreme Court on the Worcester v. Georgia case. He did not work well with the other branches and did what he wanted. A king would be able to do whatever he wanted so that's why Andrew Jackson is being compared to one.