The education system as a tool to engage social media

The school's team (teacher and students) in cooperation with the local stake holder developed a story based in some of the most famous monuments in the Trabzon area.
The main game idea is not only to promote the local tourism but to engage other schools and stakeholders to replicate the video concept developing new stories based on heritage described in the pilot project.
A theatrical representation is recorded and included in the game desk.

Local - National - International

The documentary is about the visit of Evliya Çelebi 'The Great Traveller' to Trabzon/Turkey. The scene is set at a farewell dinner party organized by a local family in the city in honor for Evliya Çelebi. People talk about the important spots in and around Trabzon. The director and the actors are all high school students who wish to contribute to the publicity of Eastern Blacksea.
Sümela Monastery
Bedesten Bazaar


DOKA is seat in Trabzon, Turkey, is a body governed by public law and its sphere of influence covers six cities in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. The development agencies in Turkey are recently established bodies, designed as coordinator organizations to catalize regional development. In that respect, the main goal of the Agency is to coordinate the efforts of private, public and non-governmental institutions with regards to regional development, to ensure the efficient use of means by prompting local resources, to increase the local capacity and to decrease the regional disparities.