What is Stress?

Stress is...

Stress is the feeling we get when we react to a certain event(s). BUT not all stress is bad. Sometimes we need stress to react to something bad happening. For example, if you are home with your parents and a robber comes in, you react by getting your parents to have them help with the situation. Stress has bad parts also. Stress becomes bad when your mental health is in trouble. Stress may cause you to be sad, depressed, angry, and etc.

How to Help

There are a lot of healthy stress relievers that can help you get over stress. For example, you can exercise. Studies have shown that exercise can help with stress and even depression. Make sure you also get enough sleep. If you stay up late and you are high with stress try going to bed 30 minutes earlier each day till you get to the time you want to sleep. Teenagers should get 9 hours of sleep each night to be healthy. There are some ways that are unhealthy that people try in order to relieve stress. For example, eating too much junk food or "comfort" foods. This can lead to gaining weight and adding on even more stress. You can go to, '', for techniques to relieve stress. If your stress is leading to depression or you just need help with your stress, Horizons Mental Hospital is a great solution. Everyone is nice and friendly and they care about you.